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존경 고어의 문화를 유지하는 환경 적 책임을 , 좋은 기업의 의사 결정을 포함하여 , 우리의 일상적인 약속 에 윤리 원칙 을 적용하는 우리의 동료 ' 가이드 .


Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law Poster Supplement

An addition to the "Equal Opportunity is the Law" document with revisions to policies concerning individuals with disabilities, protected veterans, and more.

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Gore Seal of Assurance Program

Gaxetas para Aplicações Industriais

"Seal of Assurance Program" para Fibra GORE® GFO®

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Muitas gaxetas de PTFE e grafite estão disponíveis no mercado. Embora todas pareçam iguais, vale notar que existem inconsistências enormes na qualidade real do produto e no desempenho de muitas das soluções de gaxetas oferecidas.


Gore Filtration Products timeline

産業処理および集じん機用粒子・ガスフィルター 水銀コントロールシステム




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3 Baghouse Maintenance Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses GORE Filter Bags - By Industry

Dust on dirty tube sheets can make it difficult to isolate the source of dust leaks. Be sure to thoroughly clean tube sheets before doing black light testing.

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