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Gore’s ozonation modules in ozone water supply system.

Ozonation Modules

Ozone-dissolving modules from W. L. Gore & Associates are the proven, reliable solution for improved semiconductor and microelectronics cleaning process performance and yield. Since the 1980s, our modules have been successfully used in ozone water-based cleaning tools for a safer, environmentally friendly, cost-effective cleaning process.

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GORE® Ozonation Modules made with PTFE and PFA materials offer high cleanliness.

Microfiltration Solutions for Semiconductors and Microelectronics Microfiltration Media for Semiconductor & Microelectronics Processing

When it comes to silicon wafer and semiconductor cleaning processes, the industry is shifting to ozone water treatment. It’s friendlier to the environment, doesn’t involve expensive waste treatment and costs less than chemical mixtures. Fortunately, GORE Ozonation Modules from W. L. Gore & Associates go beyond the current benchmark by delivering the cleanest, bubble-free, highest concentration ozone water solution on the market today.

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