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Various Protective Vents products

To ensure that our products deliver the performance and reliability that you expect, we conduct various tests and use key performance indicators during vent production.

GORE® Protective Vents - Snap-In Series - Data Sheet & Installation Guide

The Snap-In Series delivers fast reliable installation and durable protection for enclosure volumes of all sizes: from less than 0.5 liters up to 30 liters. Ideal for high-throughput or manual production, the Snap-In Series offers multiple performance options, including new PolyVent XS:  a compact, low-profile vent for today’s smaller, thinner-walled, lighter-weight enclosures.

GORE® Protective Vents - Screw-In Series

The Screw-In Series offers a variety of performance options that durably withstand mechanical stresses and rugged environments. They all provide oleophobic membranes and are hydrolytically-stable, UV- and temperature-resistant. Compare all the PolyVent options, including the enhanced GORE® PolyVent Stainless Steel, now top-rated “IK10” for mechanical impact resistance. It provides exceptional protection that helps enclosures up to 20 liters withstand the toughest mechanical and environmental conditions.

It Pays to Compare: Extended Lifetime, Increased Profitability

GORE® Protective Vents vs. Common Venting Solutions

As the name says, Gore Protective Vents enable pressure equalization through venting with the key feature of ingress protection. Other venting technologies have limits to protecting against the ingress of dust and moisture.

Attestation of Conformity

This document shows the Installation Instructions and Instructions for Use of GORE PolyVent Ex. In addition the relevant standards are listed and the attestation of conformity is described.

Mechanical Engineering Magazine: Letting Surfers Vent

DECEMBER 2009 // Author Harry Hutchinson interviews engineer and lifelong surfer Peter Casica about his innovative use of GORE® Protective Vents to prevent damage to surfboards. Casica knew temperature extremes created pressure differentials within the board, causing deformation, delaminations and leaks. See how a GORE® PolyVent solved the problem.

GORE<sup>&reg;</sup> Protective Vents Increase Performance of Protective Cases by Eliminating Vacuum

Pelican engineers knew that they needed to account for pressure differentials. The 0450 Mobile Tool Chest would be transported around the world and often dropped from an airplane. Rapid altitude changes can cause pressure on the seals to increase from about 2 psi (140 mbar) to almost 16 psi (1,105 mbar) in the short period it takes to reach the ground.

GORE<sup>&reg;</sup> Protective Vents Protect Surfboards from Damage by Sun, Sand and Water

Infinity Surfboards Company, located in Dana Point, California, designs a wide range of surfboards for a variety of surfer interests. The heat from the sun caused the air inside their surfboards to expand and the resulting pressure build-up caused delamination of the epoxy skin to occur.

NEMA Ratings and What They Mean

Technical Information

A critical aspect of vent selection begins with defining the level of protection your application, device or housing requires.

IP ratings cannot be “converted” to NEMA ratings, since NEMA requires additional testing not included in IP. However, there are minimum NEMA ratings that will meet or exceed a given IP code.

IP Ratings Explained

IP Ratings Explained

Technical Information,

Ingress Protection, IP, is an internationally accepted standard for indicating how well an electrical enclosure protects electronic equipment, devices, or components against solid objects and liquids.