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GORE® Protective Vents - Adhesive Vents Product Series - Data Sheet & Installation Guide

Low-profile Adhesive Vents are available in both standard and custom designs, offering the most flexible options: for manual or automated installation, for interior or exterior mounting on enclosures, and for adhesion to rough or smooth substrates. 

Various Protective Vents products

To ensure that our products deliver the performance and reliability that you expect, we conduct various tests and use key performance indicators during vent production.

GORE® Protective Vents - Snap-In Series - Data Sheet & Installation Guide

The Snap-In Series delivers fast reliable installation and durable protection for enclosure volumes of all sizes: from less than 0.5 liters up to 30 liters. Ideal for high-throughput or manual production, the Snap-In Series offers multiple performance options, including new PolyVent XS:  a compact, low-profile vent for today’s smaller, thinner-walled, lighter-weight enclosures.

GORE® Protective Vents - Screw-In Series

The Screw-In Series offers a variety of performance options that durably withstand mechanical stresses and rugged environments. They all provide oleophobic membranes and are hydrolytically-stable, UV- and temperature-resistant. Compare all the PolyVent options, including the enhanced GORE® PolyVent Stainless Steel, now top-rated “IK10” for mechanical impact resistance. It provides exceptional protection that helps enclosures up to 20 liters withstand the toughest mechanical and environmental conditions.

Attestation of Conformity

GORE® PolyVent EX+ Instructions for Use

Technical Information, 292.98 KB

This document shows the Installation Instructions and Instructions for Use of GORE PolyVent Ex. In addition the relevant standards are listed and the attestation of conformity is described.

Increase Service Life of Solar Tracking Systems by Equalizing Pressure

Gore’s application engineers collaborated with the Dunkermotoren engineers to evaluate several GORE® Protective Vents in both environmental chamber tests and field tests.

NEMA Ratings and What They Mean

Technical Information

A critical aspect of vent selection begins with defining the level of protection your application, device or housing requires.

IP ratings cannot be “converted” to NEMA ratings, since NEMA requires additional testing not included in IP. However, there are minimum NEMA ratings that will meet or exceed a given IP code.

GORE® Protective Vents - Solar Energy Systems - Brochure

GORE® Vents help manufacturers improve the cost-effectiveness, production efficiencies and life expectancy of solar energy systems and components.

GORE® Protective Vents - Weldable Membrane Series - Data Sheet & Installation Guide

Low-profile, 100% ePTFE vents are designed for automated installation which incorporate heat or ultrasonic welding processes. Ideal for solar energy systems, they provide a robust mechanical bond in conjunction with rapid equalization of pressures.

The Impact of Pressure on Sealed Enclosures

GORE® Pressure Vents increase product life by equalizing pressure.