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Partnering for Innovation: Gore and Infineon Take Gas Detection Sensors to a New Level

Learn how Gore technology added the final touch to fully unleash the potential of Infineon’s cutting-edge photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS) for CO2 detection. Discover how joined efforts achieved a sensor response time nearly cut in half, paving the way for a new range of applications.

GORE® MEMS Protective Vents - Style 200 - Installation video

Style 200 can be installed inside the MEMS microphone during the microphone packaging process.

MEMS Protective Vents - Style 100 - Installation video

Style 100 can be installed over the top of a top-port microphone or on the circuit board opposite a bottom-port microphone.

deep science

Watch the video here to learn more about the new industry leading GORE® acoustic vent technology and discover how our acoustic expertise can maximize your device performance. In this short version learn about:

  • Benefitting from Gore’s latest acoustic vent
  • Innovative solutions to unique technical challenges
  • Gore’s vast application knowledge

Learn even more in this Full Version.

Keeping Smart Phones Protected

Keeping Smart Phones Protected

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In appliance DESIGN Magazine, Global Business Leader Victor Lusvardi and Product Specialist Chuck Seipel talk about how to keep smart phones protected.

Testing for Ingress Protection of Portable Electronic Devices

Today’s consumers expect to be able to use their full-featured mobile devices anywhere, whether they are skiing on top of a mountain, talking on the phone while running through a rainstorm, or taking underwater pictures in the Caribbean.

Smartphone submerged in water

When it comes to ingress protection, among the most vulnerable areas of a smartphone are the openings in the phone’s housing that contain the device’s audio components, particularly the microphone and speakers.

According to Gary Chan, a Gore application engineer for portable electronic venting, Gore’s vents are in more than one billion smartphones, wearables, and other consumer devices around the world.

Thermal Insulation for 5G Antennas Assembly

GORE® Thermal Insulation for 5G Antennas is a better solution to meet thermal challenges by helping maintain 5G signal duration while reducing surface temperatures for a superior user experience.

Quiet Places

Designed to stop the reflection of sound or electromagnetic waves, anechoic chambers are essential to today’s consumer electronics testing. Consumer Electronics Test & Development surveys some of the most silent spaces on Earth.

“Gore has been performing acoustic tests using anechoic test environments for over 20 years and more recently purchased the fully anechoic chamber to expand our measurement capability,” says Banter.

First published in the October 2022 issue Consumer Electronics Test & Development