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Installing Gore’s High-Speed Ethernet Interconnect

Designers are learning that standard commercial Ethernet connectors and cables aren’t adequate in harsh aerospace conditions. W. L. Gore & Associates evaluates the top considerations designers must make when designing the right Ethernet interconnect and ensuring reliable high-speed data transmission.

Phase Stability, Loss Stability and Shielding Effectiveness White Paper

When it comes to long-length microwave coaxial assemblies, their phase/loss stability and repeatability, as well as shielding effectiveness, have historically not been well documented. This is largely due to the low demand for these types of assemblies and lack of standardized testing procedures. Published by W. L. Gore & Associates, White Paper: Phase Stability, Loss Stability and Shielding Effectiveness of Long Length provides some much-needed insights into this type of equipment to help operators, engineers and manufacturers find the right extended-length solutions.

Proving Installed Performance of Airframe Microwave Assemblies

When choosing military aircraft components, lasting performance is always a top consideration. Yet while many cables perform dependably prior to installation, the challenges of routing leave them damaged and ill-prepared for the rigors of the aircraft’s flight envelope. That’s why W. L. Gore & Associates developed an installation simulator to prove their microwave assemblies delivered the same reliability before and after installation.

Improving Cables Performance in Harsh Environments thumbnail

W. L. Gore & Associates examines constraints that may have an impact on cable performance. Also examined is the process involved in selecting the right materials based on sufficient testing to verify cables will survive and perform reliably in the harshest environments.

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Protection Against Condensation

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Avionics in Commercial Airliner

W. L. Gore & Associates identifies the risks of using standard MIL-DTL-38999 connectors to meet higher data transmission requirements in avionics. Our engineers also evaluate connector configurations against more suitable aviation connector designs to achieve reliable 10-GB BASE-T data transfer.

LSV White Paper Thumbnail

A discussion on how new updates to quality standards encourage medical device manufacturers to expect more from their upstream component suppliers.

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Improve 5G Testing White paper

Selecting a reliable, high-performing microwave/RF cable assembly will eliminate many of the common problems experienced with test systems. Learn more from the white paper.

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Gore Aerospace Cables and Materials

Aircraft weight savings is an important design and modernization consideration to increase payload, fuel efficiency, range and time on station. W. L. Gore & Associates offers reliable solutions that reduce the size and weight of copper, fiber optic and coaxial cables.

White Paper On Gore’s Tethered Drone Cables

Also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), drones have become commonplace in commercial and defense applications, but as the technology continues to evolve, so does a shift in power management systems. Drones that once ran on high energy density batteries with limited flight time are now being redesigned to rely on high-performing cables, which use a battery backup and offer unlimited flight time.