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This application note provides data demonstrating high productivity, extended cycling durability performance of membrane-based GORE Protein Capture Devices with Protein A across two rapid Clean-in-Place methods bracketing caustic contact time and concentration. These data were then combined with results from a manufacturing-scale demonstration to extrapolate protein capture capabilities at a 2000 L batch bioreactor size across CIP methods.

GORE Molded Assemblies Aseptic Sampling Valve Clamp Datasheet

GORE AME-Clamps enable convenient flow metering or precise flow closure within tubing systems for bioprocessing operations. These lightweight single-use clamps are easy to install over tubing, and the locking screw is fully adjustable using just one hand.

GORE Molded Assemblies Aseptic Sampling Valve Datasheet

Custom-configured GORE Molded Assemblies with the GORE Aseptic Sampling Valve offer bioprocess operators a way to streamline the collection of multiple aseptic samples from stainless steel vessels.

Protein A Membrane Devices Upstream Technology AGC Biologics

An intensified and fully single use downstream operation was demonstrated to process a monoclonal antibody cell culture harvest at a manufacturing scale.  The results of the study were combined with previously published data to show the potential for high productivity affinity capture sufficient up to 10 g/L titers at the 2000 L scale.

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Protein Capture Device Protein A reverse flow cycles

This application note demonstrates the scalability across multiple GORE Protein Capture Device sizes through dynamic binding capacity, CHO cell harvest, and purification experiments as demonstrated with a partially purified monoclonal antibody.

GORE Gaskets resist creep relaxation


Pharmaceutical - Life Sciences - Microfiltration Media for Non-Implantable Devices

GORE® Microfiltration Media help design engineers and program managers of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) of diagnostics equipment and consumables to develop molecular diagnostic (MDx) panels with consistent and precise fluid movement thus enabling accurate and reliable test results. Unlike other filter or vent options Gore’s vent solutions are engineered to work with aggressive reagents and solvents giving more degrees of freedom in cartridge design enabling the most cost-effective designs.

GORE STA-PURE Flexible Freeze Container Technical Guide Image

Describes the freeze profile of the GORE® STA-PURE® Flexible Freeze Container including the freeze methodology and the impact of the carrier on freeze performance.

This document is available upon request.

DATASHEET:  GORE Protein Capture Device for Early Clinical Applications

The 9.0mL Device (PROA103) GORE Protein Capture Device provides performance advantages over traditional agarose resin columns in late stage discovery, pre-clinical and early clinical applications.