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Article: Lyophilization: The Basics

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Cherish Robinson, Product Specialist with Gore's PharmBIO business, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of freeze-drying bulk drug ingredients.

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Image of Operating Instructions for GORE™ Protein Capture Devices


General handling, antibody purification protocol, troubleshooting, and ordering information.

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Brochure: Focused Innovations in Life Sciences

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

Leveraging our expertise and understanding of fluoropolymers, particularly polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Gore first entered the Life Sciences industry in the mid-1970s with a life-saving blood vessel replacement engineered to work in harmony with the body’s own tissues.

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Image of Data Sheet for GORE™ Protein Capture Devices


Designed for small-scale affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies, GORE Protein Capture Devices provide high binding capacity at short residence time with the potential for fewer process steps.

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GORE Fermentation Air Filters Compliance Statements

Filtration Solutions for Life Sciences

Summary compliance statements are available upon request.

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Datenblatt: GORE<sup>®</sup> Fermentation Air Filters

Filtrationslösungen für Life Sciences-Anwendungen

Die hydrophoben Membranluftfilter aus ePTFE (expandiertem Polytetrafluorethylen) wurden für die industrielle Bioverfahrenstechnik mit dem Ziel entwickelt, sehr hohe Durchflussraten zu ermöglichen und gleichzeitig die Zuluft frei von Bakterien- und Bakteriophagen-Aerosolen zu halten.


GORE Fermentation Air Filter Data Sheet in English

Filtration Solutions for Life Sciences

High flow, hydrophobic expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane air filters are designed to provide filtered feed-air free of aerosolized bacteria and bacteriophage for large-scale industrial bioprocessing.

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Application Note: Aragen's A Platform to Rapidly Purify and Formulate Immunoglobulins from Mammalian Expression Systems


Recently introduced technologies such as Protein A membrane devices and tangential flow filtration (TFF) systems capable of handling ultrafiltration and diafiltration of samples as low as 5 mL have significantly decreased the turnaround time.

This document is available upon request.

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Fiche Technique: GORE<sup>®</sup> Fermentation Air Filters

Solutions de filtration pour les sciences de la vie

GORE Fermentation Air Filters utilisés dans le domaine de la fermentation présentent des membranes hydrophobes à haut débit en polytétrafluoroéthylène expansé (ePTFE) conçues pour éliminer les bactéries et les bactériophages aérosolisés du flux d’air dans le cadre de procédés biotechnologiques industriels à grande échelle.


Folheto técnico: GORE<sup>®</sup> Fermentation Air Filter

Soluções de filtragem na área de Ciências da Vida

Os filtros de ar com membrana em politetrafluoretileno expandido (ePTFE) hidrofóbico de alto fluxo foram desenvolvidos para proporcionar ar filtrado livre de bactérias e bacteriófagos aerossolizados para o bioprocessamento industrial em grande escala.