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Article: The Mission Against Mercury and Its Impact on the Cement Industry

Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses

Under Article 8 of the Minamata Convention, the cement industry is obligated to reduce mercury pollution around the globe. The GORE™ Mercury Control System is a simple, low cost, low maintenance solution for mercury control – offering guaranteed compliance with the strictest mercury emissions limits.

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cable membrane

Examines the constraints that may have an impact on cable performance, and the process involved in selecting the right materials based on sufficient testing to verify cables will survive in harsh environments.

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Fuel Cell Industry Publications

Electrochemical Device & Fuel Cell Components

View a list of links and descriptions to publications that serve the fuel cell industry.

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Fiabilidad de la infraestructura de red

Elementos de ventilación Protective Vents para sistemas electrónicos de exterior

Tras permanecer hasta 11 años en campo, se inspeccionaron y se probó la integridad de 29 amplificadores montados en torre (TMA, Tower-Mounted Amplifiers) y combinadores equipados con elementos de ventilación GORE® Vents. El resultado fue que el 100% de las unidades superaba el caudal de aire recomendado y el 90% pasó el ensayo de inmersión IPX7, probando la excepcional fiabilidad de los elementos de ventilación.


Reliability in Network Infrastructure

Protective Vents for Outdoor Electronics

FEBRUARY 2014 // After up to 11 years in the field, 29 tower-mounted amplifiers and combiners with GORE® Vents were inspected and integrity-tested. 100% of the units exceeded recommended airflow and 90% passed the IPX7 immersion test, demonstrating the vents’ exceptional reliability.

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Fiabilité dans les infrastructures réseau

Les évents Protective Vents pour composants électroniques externes

FÉVRIER 2014 // 29 amplificateurs et multiplexeurs équipés d'évents GORE®, montés sur tour et en fonctionnement sur le terrain depuis 11 années ont été inspectés et soumis à des tests d'intégrité. 100 % des éléments ont affiché des débits d'air supérieurs aux recommandations et 90 % ont passé avec succès le test d'immersion IPX7. Ces évents jouissent donc d'une fiabilité exceptionnelle.


Fuel Cell Educational Resources

Electrochemical Device & Fuel Cell Components

Fuel Cell Educational Resources

Technical Information

View a list of links and descriptions to educational resources about Fuel Cell technologies.

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Affidabilità in infrastrutture di rete

Dispositivi di protezione e sfiato per l'elettronica per esterni

FEBBRAIO 2014 // Dopo una durata operativa in campo fino a 11 anni, 29 amplificatori e quadri di stringa montati su torre, dotati di dispositivi di sfiato GORE®, sono stati ispezionati e collaudati per verificarne l'integrità. Il 100% delle unità ha evidenziato un flusso d'aria superiore al valore consigliato, mentre il 90% di esse ha superato il test di immersione IPX7, a dimostrazione della straordinaria affidabilità degli sfiati.


Cable Selection Checklist screenshot

Cables & Cable Assemblies

The Cable Selection Checklist will assist you in identifying the issues you need to discuss with your cable manufacturer when selecting the right cable for your specific application and environment. Although you may not be able to complete all of the sections, it will be helpful if you are as specific as possible in the data you can provide.

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Filter With Optional Insert

Air Filtration for Gas Turbines and Outdoor Cabinets

GORE Turbine Filters optimize power output by eliminating performance reducing deposits in your compressor section. Their outstanding E12 filtration efficiency keeps out at least 99.5% of contaminants at the most penetrating particle sizes (~0.1 m).

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