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Évents GORE Protective Vents pour détecteurs de gaz

Les évents Protective Vents pour composants électroniques externes

Découvrez comment Gore et les principaux fabricants de capteurs électrochimiques ont développé des relations constructives depuis plus de 30 ans pour améliorer la technologie de détection du gaz.


GORE Protective Vents for Gas Sensors

Protective Vents for Outdoor Electronics

Learn how Gore and key manufacturers of electrochemical (EC) sensors have cultivated flourishing relationships for over 30 years to continuously improve Gas Sensor Technology.

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Cables & Cable Assemblies

Listed below are global distributors authorized to supply bulk wires and cables manufactured by W. L. Gore & Associates. We offer an extensive portfolio of proven trustworthy products that has served many industries since the 1950s — including aerospace and defense, semiconductor and microelectronics, industrial and manufacturing, plus more.

Contact one of these trusted distributors when you’re ready to purchase our solutions. Or, contact us to talk to a Gore representative today about your specific application needs and requirements.

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Improving Cables Performance in Harsh Environments thumbnail

Examines the constraints that may have an impact on cable performance, and the process involved in selecting the right materials based on sufficient testing to verify cables will survive in harsh environments.

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Case study front page: GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags – Longer Bag Life and More Stable Operation in Refining Catalyst Production

Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses

A multinational producer of alumina catalyst desired longer pulse jet filter bag life and steadier operation in their dryer bag house. For this trial, they installed GORE LOW DRAG Filter Bags on an identical backer.

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Cement brochure thumbnail

Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses GORE Filter Bags - By Industry

Cement plants are driven by throughput, but failure to comply with environmental regulations could seriously impact production and introduce a slew of additional costs. This is why cement producers around the globe trust GORE® Filter Bags. Our bags keep plants comfortably in compliance, ensuring safe working conditions and unconstrained operations day after day.  

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Finding Added Value - TCO

Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses GORE Filter Bags - By Industry

Article: World Cement Finding Added Value

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Carlos Lopéz Cuevas, W.L. Gore & Associates, Mexico, considers how calculating TCO can help identify added value as well as hidden costs. Cement plants are increasingly looking at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when they make purchasing decisions. This is a useful tool that accounts for both the initial and ongoing costs of a product or service, as well as any indirect costs that should be considered.

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Particle and Gas Filtration for Industrial Processes & Bag Houses

Article: Surviving Demand Changes

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Economic sequels from COVID-19 will be among the worst in history. But what did the cement industry do to counter its effects? This article illustrates how reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) through smart investments can allow a cement plant to remain flexible in times of low and high demand.

Written by Carlos Lopez Cuevas, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.

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