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GORE® ジョイントシーラント施工手順書


ゴア® ジョイントシーラント(GORE)は、大口径または複雑な鋼製フランジや設備に最適なガスケットで、非常に高い密閉性を実現します。当製品はリール形状となっており、フランジの所定の位置に手早く簡単に取り付けることができますので、従来の大型のガスケット品に比べて材料・労力・リードタイムを大幅に削減することができます。ガイドの手順に沿ってご使用ください。


Instructions de stockage et de manipulation

Évents pour emballage

Ce court guide résume les règles à suivre en matière de stockage et de manipulation de nos évents GORE pour assurer une performance durable et sans fuite.

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GORE® 手持式电子设备防水防尘透气产品提供了有效的屏障,防止液体、粉尘和污垢侵入,同时均衡压力并将传输损耗和密封式声音装置中的衰减降至最低程度。使您的产品在整个生命周期内发挥理想性能......


Lagerungs- und Gebrauchshinweise

Belüftungselemente für Verpackungen

Diese kurze Anleitung informiert Sie über die richtige Lagerung und Handhabung unserer Belüftungselemente für eine dauerhafte und leckagefreie Funktion.

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Raccomandazioni di immagazzinaggio e manipolazione

Packaging Vents

Questa guida sintetica descrive le modalità di immagazzinaggio e manipolazione dei nostri sistemi di sfiato per garantire prestazioni durature e senza perdite.

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Storage and Handling Recommendations for Packaging Vents in Molded Component Form

Packaging Vents

This brief guide outlines behavior for storing and handling GORE® Plug-In Vents to ensure long-lasting, leak-free performance.

English (U.S.)

Installation, Storage and Handling Guidelines for Packaging Vents in Liner Form

Packaging Vents

This document outlines how to properly install and maintain pulp and induction liners to ensure peak performance and shelf life.

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Application Testing Recommendations for GORE® Packaging Vents in Pulp Induction Liner Form

Packaging Vents

This guide outlines recommendations for test preparation, installation, storage and handling while briefly explaining how pulp induction liners work.

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Application testing for GORE® Packaging Vents Molded Components

Packaging Vents

This one-page document provides visual, step-by-step instructions for testing our molded components in your application.

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Installation Guidelines

Packaging Vents

Installation Guide for Plug-In Vents

Installation Guides, 277.2 KB

Gore’s Plug-in Vents enable fast, easy press-fit and snap-fit integration using either manual or automated installation methods. These installation guidelines are recommended to ensure a leak-tight fit in most commercially-available PP and PE plastic closures.

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