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This article, featured in the April 2009 issue of Motion System Design magazine, provides tips on specifying and working with cables for automated machinery and systems. Check out these tips and tactics from industry leaders to keep your data and power lines healthy.


Application article by Jörgen Andersson in Signalen magazine, October 2006, about a Gore custom-made FireWire cable.

This article, featured in the February 19, 2009 issue of Machine Design, explains the value expanded PTFE brings to Gore products, especially cable.  The author provides a deep look inside PTFE , the materials characteristics and explains how this material gives cables long flex-life, extra strength, better signal transmission, and clean-room performance.

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This article, featured in the July 23, 2009 issue of Machine Design, discusses the problem of particulates for moving cable systems and provides guidance on designing cable systems for a cleanroom environment.

Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, Camera Link, and USB protocol are the backbone of today's digital video and motion control systems. To work properly, these networks require cabling in which signals travel on controlled impedance, differential pair conductors.