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GORE® Fiber Optic Ribbon Cables up to 12 channels for Air & Defense

Supporting system designers and engineers, W. L. Gore & Associates’ ribbon cables are manufactured with rugged materials proven to withstand the volatile conditions experienced by aircraft and military vehicles everywhere. They maintain high-speed communications up to 12 channels on avionics and vectronics digital networks.

The 900 micron version of GORE® Fiber Optic Cables for Air & Military

In a small, light size and rugged construction, this version from W. L. Gore & Associates offers easy routing, greater shrink-back reduction and shorter sample termination times with a similar level of crush resistance as our other Simplex cables to protect sensitive components.

GORE® Fiber Optic Cables, 1.2 mm Simplex for Aerospace & Defense

Advanced systems in aircraft and armored vehicles depend on reliable high-bandwidth data and video cables. Designed for complex airborne and defense digital network applications, this version from W. L. Gore & Associates balances mechanical strength with a slim, lightweight design accommodating tight installation paths.

Gore’s portfolio of high-speed data transmission cable assembly solutions for aerospace & defense applications.

Avionics and vectronics require high-performance wires and cables that can deliver superior signals and fast data transmission speeds, even in demanding conditions. W. L. Gore & Associates offers a portfolio of solutions that fulfill those needs while reducing weight, installation complexities and overall costs.

GORE® Fiber Optic Cables, 1.8 mm Simplex for Aerospace & Defense

W. L. Gore & Associates’ most popular Simplex cable reliably supports higher bandwidth requirements on data and video architectures up to 100+ Gb/s without signal interruption. This version is proven to guard against high-weight impact, crushing force, vibration, abrasion, extreme temperatures and more.