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Reliable Sealing of Heat Exchangers

ePTFE gasket tapes for high chemical resistance - The connections to shell and tube heat exchangers pose immense challenges for the seals that are used because of both the chemically aggressive media and the frequent temperature load changes. Despite its excellent chemical resistance, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is not typically suitable as a sealing material in this case because the creep tendency of this material jeopardizes a reliable seal.

Technical article published in PROCESS Worldwide Magazine.


Article: Gasket selection using the gasket design factors as per EN 13555

The European Standard EN 13555, updated in the summer of 2014, defines the sealing gasket design factors and test methods for round flange connections. This allows the comparison of the properties of gaskets. Among other things, the standard establishes a new definition of the maximum surface pressure. What changes does this bring for the operators of plants and what criteria should be considered in the selection of gaskets using the characteristic as per EN 13555?