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Pharmaceutical - Life Sciences - Microfiltration Media for Non-Implantable Devices

GORE® Microfiltration Media help design engineers and program managers of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Contract Development Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs) of diagnostics equipment and consumables to develop molecular diagnostic (MDx) panels with consistent and precise fluid movement thus enabling accurate and reliable test results. Unlike other filter or vent options Gore’s vent solutions are engineered to work with aggressive reagents and solvents giving more degrees of freedom in cartridge design enabling the most cost-effective designs.

Ensuring Proper Functionality and Longevity of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Systems

GORE® Microfiltration Media for Negative Wound Pressure Therapy (NPWT) act as a filter which help medical device manufacturers for NPWT to ensure proper functionality and longevity of the NPWT systems. Unlike other barrier materials GORE Microfiltration Media provide exudate containment and aerosol filtration as well as proper functioning of the equipment's control units.

Datasheet: Enabling Medical Device Manufacturers to Design Reliable IV Filters

For more than 20 years GORE® Microfiltration Media for Infusion Sets have enabled medical device manufacturers to design IV filters with reliable micro-gas bubble evacuation while containing fluids and maintaining sterility.

Unlike other materials, GORE Microfiltration Media for Infusion Sets consistently deliver high performance without membrane surface modification and enable a stable integration process for high volume production.

Datasheet: Protecting Healthcare Workers from Exposure During Compounding and Administration of Hazardous Drugs

For more than 20 years GORE® Microfiltration Media help to protect healthcare workers from exposure during the compounding and administration of hazardous drugs. Unlike other materials, GORE Microfiltration Media are highly inert and engineered to contain aggressive reagents and solvents. Therefore, our PTFE laminate is the first choice when it comes to designing reliable closed system transfer devices (CSTD).