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Case Study: Cement Producer, Mexico - GORE® LOW DRAG™ Filter Bags help achieve maximum kiln feed rate

A producer of cement in Mexico was looking to consistently meet maximum kiln feed. The plant selected GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags to replace its existing membrane filters. The bags’ new membrane promotes increased airflow through the baghouse with persistently low differential pressure.

Case Study: Cement Producer, Canada - GORE® LOW DRAG Filter Bags optimize operations for greater clinker production rates and decreased energy consumption

Cement producers need filtration solutions that meet both their productivity goals and their bottom line. When a cement plan in Canada looked for ways to improve operations in its pulse-jet baghouse, they found a simple solution that didn’t require adding more modules to the baghouse.

Clinker Cooler

Plant installed new baghouse and wanted to obtain optimum performance with long-term reliability. They also wanted high system productivity with low pressure drop to save on energy costs.

kiln mill cooler

Plant installed new baghouse and wanted to obtain optimum performance with long-term reliability. GORE® High Durability Filters were used in new installation, met all performance requirements, and provided 10-year performance life. Plant wanted to maintain high system productivity when choosing next set of filter bags.

kiln mill feed baghouse

In 1997, a plant modernization program was initiated to improve fuel efficiency and environmental performance and two older wet kilns were permanently shut down. In 1999, a new 3,000 tons per day kiln line with a 5-stage precalciner was commissioned. A Solios (formerly Procedair) TGT baghouse was built and high performance filters were required to meet efficiency and environmental targets.

Finish Mill

Design capacity of the mill was 100 tons/hr, but when the load increased to higher than 93 tons/hr, the differential pressure increased, causing the gas flow rate to decrease. Decrease of the flow rate caused the total productivity of the mill to decrease.

cement finish mill

After modifications and adjustments to the baghouse and separator were completed, the plant achieved a production rate of 80 tph, which exceeded the rated specifications for the separator by almost 10 tph.


Plant increased pre-heater fan capacity in order to increase productivity. The increased airflows resulted in higher pressure drop across the baghouse. Since installation of GORE Filter Bags, filter lifetime is over 12 years and has exceeded performance expectations for both airflow and pressure drop.


Cement plant in China using non-membrane Nomex® filter bags was experiencing high pressure drop and short bag life. Poor performance was resulting in high energy consumption and costly maintenance.


Plant retrofitted old ESP system to baghouse in 2002 in order to increase productivity, reliability, and emissions. Process required use of addition of soda ash in order to facilitate grate nodule formation, which affected pressure drop.