Gore High Speed Data Cables

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Vehicle systems require wires and cables that can deliver the highest performance no matter the conditions on land during critical operations. W. L. Gore & Associates offers various solutions that fulfill that need while reducing weight, installation complexities and overall costs. Our products meet and even exceed industry requirements for vectronics digital networks, mission systems, signals intelligence, digital camera/video systems and more. 

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Gore Coaxial Cables

Modern military land systems require countless sensors that depend on cables to transmit critical video as clearly as possible throughout the entire mission. W. L. Gore & Associates builds a reliable solution that can meet that prerequisite while saving valuable weight and reducing operating costs. GORE Coaxial Cables optimize signals and video transmission at 75 ohms in remote-controlled turret cameras, vehicle camera links and vectronics displays. With improved durability and protection, they exceed stringent industry requirements while also meeting SMPTE standards.

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