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Gore’s products in aerospace and defense systems.

From the first moon landing to today’s aircraft and land defense, W. L. Gore & Associates continues to develop technology innovation and deliver time-tested, reliable components and materials to the aerospace and defense industry.

Gore’s products in defense aircraft and land systems

From the outset, W. L. Gore & Associates engineers products right to perform reliably in the most demanding air and land conditions. Our storied legacy is why defense companies and suppliers trust our cables and materials.

Final Flex Cycle Count at IMS 2016

Chris Cox provides the final flex number from the simulator at IMS 2016. 

Gore's Flex Simulator at IMS 2016

Testing Gore cable in the flex simulator over the course of IMS 2016 show.

Gore's Micro Apps Presentation at IMS 2015

Featuring Gore Application Engineer Chris Ericksen.

Chris Ericksen at IMS 2015

Demonstrating the Installation Simulator.

Gore's Solution to 5G Test System Challenges

We leverage our material expertise to deliver the only electrically stable, small, lightweight, armored 5G RF/microwave test cable assembly available on the market.  The performance of our cable assemblies over time enables customers to reduce the time and cost of 5G communication tests.

Microwave/RF Assemblies for Test & Measurement Applications

Featuring Keith Cuthbert, Application Engineer and Steve Peterson, Sales Associate

Test Equipment with GORE PHASEFLEX Microwave/RF Test Assemblies

W. L. Gore & Associates is proud to announce that GORE® PHASEFLEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies have been recognized as the gold standard for aircraft testing by the 2020 Military & Aerospace Innovators Awards. Trusted by mission-critical defense and aerospace applications, these solutions offer a durable build with unique inner layers, ensuring high electrical performance and superior outer-layer protection throughout the system’s lifetime.