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Gore provides high-performance cable assemblies with significant mechanical and electrical advantages for high-flex applications in aerospace and defense, spaceflight, semiconductor, and test and measurement environments.

If you determine that your system may be affected by PIM distortion, there are a few basic guidelines you can use to minimize PIM generation.

GORE® Spaceflight Cables are engineered to withstand the severe levels of radiation found in many satellite applications.

Unless otherwise specified, every GORE® Microwave/RF Coaxial Assembly is 100% tested, inspected, and certified to meet the acceptance requirements contained in all applicable specifications, whether stated in literature or in pre-approved customer contracts.

This technical document details tracking changes in insertion loss and phase length with temperature.

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GORE™ Microwave Coaxial Assemblies are precision components. Proper use, routine inspection of the complete assembly, and cleaning of the connectors are extremely important.

Bend radius demonstration of Gore’s Type 4L microwave/RF coaxial cable assemblies for general purpose use.

Commonly used in the industry, standard semi-rigid cable assemblies can lead to avoidable issues. For one, they are stiff and difficult to route in confined spaces, potentially leading to frequent cable failure. They are also challenging to replace, often resulting in costly configuration drawings and cumbersome, time-consuming installation procedures.