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Extended Water Entry Pressure Test Guideline

The guidelines are based on Gore’s best practices in eWEP (extended Water Entry Pressure) testing for GORE® Portable Electronic Vents. Please follow the guidelines to conduct the eWEP testing to minimize water leakage failures caused by test issues.

NEMA Ratings and What They Mean

Technical Information

A critical aspect of vent selection begins with defining the level of protection your application, device or housing requires.

IP ratings cannot be “converted” to NEMA ratings, since NEMA requires additional testing not included in IP. However, there are minimum NEMA ratings that will meet or exceed a given IP code.

The International Standard IEC 60529 defines specific tests used to verify that an enclosure meets the requirements for ingress protection against particulates and liquids. W. L. Gore & Associates has developed additional protocols to test for IPx4 compliance that address these issues and mirror real-world conditions more effectively.