GORE Tethered Drone Cables

Cables & Cable Assemblies

Tethered drone cables using standard materials often present ongoing challenges for commercial and defense applications, from absorbing moisture and weighing drones down to limiting opportunities for more payload options and decreasing the drone’s capabilities. Luckily, that’s where W. L. Gore & Associates comes in, offering a durable, low-weight hybrid solution with proven, unrivaled performance allowing drones to fly higher, see farther and do more than ever before.

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Gore High Speed Data Cables

Land Systems Defense Land Systems

Vehicle systems require wires and cables that can deliver the highest performance no matter the conditions on land during critical operations. W. L. Gore & Associates offers various solutions that fulfill that need while reducing weight, installation complexities and overall costs. Our products meet and even exceed industry requirements for vectronics digital networks, mission systems, signals intelligence, digital camera/video systems and more. 

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