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Download our portfolio of high flex cable solutions for semiconductor applications. Technical information includes cable properties, typical applications, industry certifications and ordering information.

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A photo of a GORE® Trackless High Flex Cable for Semiconductor/FPD Cleanrooms & ESD Environments

Cables & Cable Assemblies

Follow a few easy steps from W. L. Gore & Associates to choose the most common industry components and design your own Gore cable that meets your specific application needs and requirements. Offered in standard or low charging versions, GORE Trackless High Flex Cables are proven to solve complex automated equipment problems over time, like particulation, electrostatic buildup, vibration, size and weight.

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GORE™ Ethernet High Flex Round Cable and Assemblies

Harsh Environments & Industrial Automation Industrial Automation

Data Sheet for Gore Ethernet High Flex Cable Assemblies; includes features, benefits, technical specifications and ordering information.

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