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Phase Stability, Loss Stability and Shielding Effectiveness White Paper

When it comes to long-length microwave coaxial assemblies, their phase/loss stability and repeatability, as well as shielding effectiveness, have historically not been well documented. This is largely due to the low demand for these types of assemblies and lack of standardized testing procedures. Published by W. L. Gore & Associates, White Paper: Phase Stability, Loss Stability and Shielding Effectiveness of Long Length provides some much-needed insights into this type of equipment to help operators, engineers and manufacturers find the right extended-length solutions.

Improve 5G Testing White paper

Selecting a reliable, high-performing microwave/RF cable assembly will eliminate many of the common problems experienced with test systems. Learn more from the white paper.

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Performance Over Time

A recent study showed that users of microwave/RF cable assemblies expect high-quality, long-lasting performance; however, more than 75 percent of these users are replacing their assemblies frequently, with the most common cause of failure identified as damage during installation or operation. Depending on the frequency, the direct cost for replacing cable assemblies on a single piece of equipment can reach $250,000 over the life of the system — and this does not include the indirect costs such as delayed production schedules, bad products, or retesting and calibration.

Resulting from a lack of strict adherence to IEEE287 General Precision/Laboratory Precision Connector specifi cations (GPC / LPC), the OSP connector type is not generally considered to be suitable for calibration kit use.

The environments in which microwave cable assemblies are being used today are becoming more challenging with exposure to such conditions as extreme temperatures, chemicals, abrasion, and flexing. Additional challenges include the need for smaller, lighter packaging for cable systems that last longer and cost less.

Measurement uncertainty has a direct impact on the reliability of test instruments. To determine if there is a quantifiable difference in measurement uncertainty between the TDR and VNA, W. L. Gore & Associates performed a series of experiments, initially testing six cable assemblies in controlled conditions on each instrument.