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Various Protective Vents products

To ensure that our products deliver the performance and reliability that you expect, we conduct various tests and use key performance indicators during vent production.

Attestation of Conformity

GORE® PolyVent EX+ Instructions for Use

Technical Information, 292.98 KB

This document shows the Installation Instructions and Instructions for Use of GORE PolyVent Ex. In addition the relevant standards are listed and the attestation of conformity is described.

NEMA Ratings and What They Mean

Technical Information

A critical aspect of vent selection begins with defining the level of protection your application, device or housing requires.

IP ratings cannot be “converted” to NEMA ratings, since NEMA requires additional testing not included in IP. However, there are minimum NEMA ratings that will meet or exceed a given IP code.

Reliability Testing of GORE<sup>®</sup> Protective Vents in Telecommunication Enclosures

When telecommunication equipment fails prematurely due to conditions of the environment in which it is installed, it leads to network downtime, increased costs and maintenance, and reduced brand loyalty. Gore application engineers developed new enclosure reliability tests that replicate real-world environmental challenges.

The Impact of Temperature Cycling on Sealed Enclosures

Fluctuations in temperature create failures in electronic devices due to pressure differentials. Gore application engineers simulated a rapid heating and cooling cycle to understand the effects of pressure differentials. This document describes the test procedures and results.

Pressure Equalization for Extended Life: a Five-Year Study of GORE Protective Vents in Outdoor Enclosures

A five-year study demonstrates that GORE® Protective Vents can extend the service life of sealed outdoor enclosures, reliably protecting the integrity of the sensitive electronics within. The study, developed and conducted by Gore application engineers, measured pressure differentials in both non-vented and vented enclosures. The resulting effects on enclosure and seal integrity are dramatic. 

Materials Technology: IP Ratings — Ingress Protection Classification

This document explains the format and classification of Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, according to the IEC 60529 standards.

Materials Technology: UL 94 Standard for Flammability Testing

This document explains the Underwriters Laboratory standard for testing the flammability properties of plastic materials used for parts in devices and appliances.

Materials Technology: Water Entry Pressure Testing

Description of standard test used to measure a membrane's ability to stop aqueous flow, and diagram of the apparatus used for water entry pressure testing.