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Sealants overview brochure


For more than 50 years, the Sealant Technologies Group of W. L. Gore & Associates has focused on the factors that enable more reliable sealing of piping systems, vessels, pumps and valves. Our singular focus has resulted in the development of innovative and top-performing gaskets and packings. We’ve also established a comprehensive technical services program, specially designed to help customers determine the best solutions for their toughest sealing applications.

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Product Flyer: GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800)

Gaskets for industrial applications

The GORE® Universal Pipe Gasket (Style 800) is the single, easy solution to the challenges of achieving and maintaining reliable seals in a wide variety of industrial flange and process media combinations. Reducing the chance of premature seal failure can enhance operational productivity and cost effectiveness, while providing greater peace of mind about safety and environmental concerns.

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