GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarn is made from a unique form of expanded PTFE. It has exceptional strength and maintains its dimensional stability better than other synthetic and PTFE fibers.

Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • 30 years of proven performance
  • Low shrinkage at elevated temperatures
  • High tenacity at room and elevated temperatures
  • Low elongation at elevated temperatures
  • Non-contaminating
  • Made from 100% expanded PTFE
  • Non-aging
  • Generally chemically inert

Key Benefits

  • GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarn offers up to 20% material savings due to higher yield/kg compared to competitive yarn
  • Higher tenacity provides more construction options that use less yarn
  • Reduced breakage leads to fewer weaving interruptions
  • Lower elongation means less damage from heavy dust load in filter bags
  • Does not degrade in chemicals, high temperatures or moist environments
  • Longer life for filter bags and cartridges


Needle-felting processes can abrade and weaken supporting scrim fibers, and yet it is the supporting scrim that contributes most to the felt's strength. The unique structure of GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarn makes it stronger and able to retain more strength after felting than other PTFE fibers. The result is stronger felts. Manufacturers can even use a looser scrim weave or smaller fiber to attain the same strength compared to other PTFE fibers, especially when GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarn is used.

Manufacturers must compensate for weaving yarns that will shrink excessively during processing or in the eventual application. This process is time consuming and unpredictable, resulting in products that do not meet specifications. GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarn shrinks less at high temperatures, so filter media are more dimensionally stable, providing higher processing yields and more consistent felts and fabrics. End users will appreciate the dimensional stability because their bags and cartridges will last longer.

Not all PTFE yarns perform the same as the temperature rises. Shrinkage, elongation and tenacity change as the operating temperature increases. These factors are critical for performance of filter bags and cartridges. The high tenacity available in GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarn means scrims will be stronger at operating temperatures compared to other PTFE yarns. At elevated temperatures, Gore's higher tenacity yarns also maintain more of their strength to resist the mechanical damage from high elongation forces more than other PTFE yarns. GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarns shrink less at high temperatures, so filter media are more dimensionally stable, providing higher processing yields and more consistent felts and fabrics.

GORE RASTEX Fibers Weaving Yarn is available in fine, precise, round cross-section fibers that are ideal for weaving into very fine filtration media and for liquid filtration processing. Contact us for more information. 

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Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.