GORE RASTEX Fibers Sewing Thread, made from 100 percent expanded PTFE and engineered specifically for the demands of filtration applications, withstands exposure to chemicals, high temperatures, abrasives, and moist environments.

Features and Benefits

Key Features

  • 30 years of proven performance
  • Engineered for excellent sewability
  • Made from 100% ePTFE
  • Low shrinkage at elevated temperatures
  • High tenacity at room and elevated temperatures
  • Non-aging
  • Generally chemically inert

Key Benefits

  • GORE® RASTEX® Fibers S010T1 offers up to 20% material savings due to higher yield/kg compared to competitive thread
  • Can replace many high performance, high temperature threads to simplify inventory and logistics
  • Reduces change-out time and labor
  • Minimizes machine adjustments
  • Reduces potential for production errors
  • Does not degrade in chemicals, high temperatures or moist environments


Why do sewn filter bags and cartridges fail?

Filter bags, cartridges, and other sewn filter media are exposed to extreme temperatures chemicals, abrasives, and, occasionally, moist environments, for extended periods. These conditions degrade the filter media and thread, and the thread often gives out first. In some cases the thread is not appropriate for the application, or it simply wears out from chemical, temperature, or abrasive attack before the filter media.

Why is the breaking strength of PTFE Filtration Sewing Threads so crucial at high temperatures?

PTFE Filtration Sewing Threads are almost always used in situations where aggressive chemicals or gases at very high temperatures of 200°C - 260°C act on the filter media and their seams. In this temperature range, high-quality GORE RASTEX Fibers Sewing Threads made from expanded PTFE are superior to other PTFE products on the market, in some cases considerably so, with their long-lasting, high endurance strength. This is vitally important to the lifetime of the filter, significantly reducing the number of changeover cycles and achieving superior reliability throughout the entire usage period.

Why are the shrink characteristics of PTFE Filtration Sewing Threads so important at high temperatures?

In practice PTFE Filtration Sewing Threads are exposed to temperatures of 230°C - 260°C. This heat results in “hot air shrinkage” of the threads and therefore the filter seams. In GORE RASTEX Fibers Sewing Threads made from expanded PTFE, the shrinkage is significantly less than 3%, making it a very high-quality product compared with other products on the market. High shrinkage inevitably results in shortened, non-dimensionally stable seams that may impair the function and performance of the filter.



Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.