GORE Microfiltration Media and components are used to vent, filter and protect a broad range of medical devices — including hearing instruments, ostomy bags, hemodialysis equipment, and IV infusion sets — with the goal of increasing device reliability and patient comfort. Gore has been developing high performance expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membranes to solve the design challenges faced by medical device innovators for over 35 years.


Some medical liquids contain entrained gas which may present a hazard to the patient or affect the proper operation of a medical device. GORE Microfiltration Media for Medical Devices is designed for high levels of gas permeability which can allow for fast pressure equalization and airflow. For instance, in IV lines, GORE Media aids in the dissipation of these gas bubbles while retaining liquids that are under pressure. 


GORE Microfiltration Media helps protect equipment from contamination during use.  Due to the microporous structure of Gore's ePTFE membranes, the protective membrane enables gas to pass through with low pressure drop while providing a barrier to aerosolized liquids and particles.


In hearing instruments, the GORE Microfiltration Media for Acoustic Protection performs as a barrier against water and contaminants while at the same protecting the microphone to preserve its overall sound quality. In personal hygiene devices like electric toothbrushes, the ePTFE membrane not only equalizes pressure differentials caused by rapid temperature changes, but also offers protection against water and particle intrusion while enabling the battery to safely outgas.


Applications for GORE Microfiltration Media for Medical Devices include:
  • Hearing Instruments

  • Hemodialysis Transducer Protectors

  • IV Infusion Filters
  • Ostomy Bags

  • Surgical Suction Filters

  • Urine Collection Systems

  • Insufflation Filters

  • In Vitro Diagnostics