GORE  High Flex Cables provide superior flex life performance and maximum resistance to severe mechanical and environmental stresses. With more than 45 years of experience in the wire and cable industry and extensive knowledge of unique materials, Gore provides reliable solutions to your most demanding cable and assembly needs.

GORE® Design Tool for High Flex Cable.

For quick lead times and small order quantities try Gore's interactive design guide.

GORE® Trackless High Flex Cable

Gore trackless cable solutions allow automated equipment manufacturers to eliminate cable track and avoid many of the problems associated with cable track such as particulation, vibration, size and weight.

GORE® High Flex Flat Cables

GORE High Flex Cables are used in any energy chain or cable track reducing particulation and eliminating the need for dividers.

GORE® High Flex Round Cables

GORE High Flex Round Cables are used in applications where flex life reliability is critical. Gore high flex cables will provide your application with reliable performance reducing expensive equipment downtime and field repair due to cable failure.

GORE® FireWire® High Flex Cable Assemblies

GORE FireWire High Flex Cable Assemblies provide motion control and vision systems with reliable interconnects for high performance flex life and signal transmission performance.

GORE® Camera Link® High Flex Cable Assemblies

GORE Camera Link High Flex Cable Assemblies should be used to avoid bit errors in moving Camera Link systems.