New GORE® Pressure Vents product model PE13

The new GORE Pressure Vents product model PE13 vastly improves airflow while offering highly reliable particle contaminant and liquid immersion protection.

ELKTON, Md. (November 27, 2018) – People are taking their smartphones and other portable electronic devices everywhere and through all conditions, subjecting devices to temperature changes, rapid altitude and pressure shifts, compression of sensitive touchscreens and even immersion in liquids.

Expecting devices to reliably stand up against the elements while processing more, working faster and going further – the latest devices are being pushed to the very limits as manufacturers pack in an ever-increasing number of new components and sensors, and increase internal pressures.

Over time, these issues can put stress on housing seals allowing water and contaminants to enter devices, and create pressure build-ups in acoustic cavities causing transducer bias, compromising acoustic quality and unsatisfied customer experience.

“With product model PE13, our goal was to engineer a pressure vent that effectively minimized speaker and receiver distortion,” said Anthony Chiu, Product Manager for GORE® Portable Electronic Vents Business Unit “While maintaining the high level of particle contamination and water protection we are renowned for at Gore.”


New GORE Pressure Vents product model PE13 offers nominal airflow of 19,000 ml/min/cm2 @ 70 mbar (nearly double the airflow of its nearest competitor, our own product model PE12), effectively minimizing speaker and receiver distortion caused by transducer bias.

“When it comes to pressure venting, we always look to maintain a delicate balance between water resistance and air permeability,” said Anthony Chiu, “Gore’s great advancement in ePTFE membrane technology has enabled us to achieve extremely high air permeability without comprising the dust and water protection (IP68-rated water immersion protection up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes).”


Available in custom* and standard sizes*, new GORE Pressure Vents product model PE13 gives manufacturers greater design flexibility – to either reduce the number of pressure vents used in their devices, or reduce the size of pressure vents for devices with limited internal space – without reducing effectiveness.

For more information about GORE Portable Electronic Vents, visit: or call 1-800-523-4673 (USA).

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