New GORE<sup>®</sup> PolyVent XS: The Compact, Low-Profile Vent with Big Capabilities.

New GORE® PolyVent XS makes it easier to design and integrate robust venting protection into small (up to 2 l) outdoor electronic enclosures.

The newest addition to GORE® Protective Vents’ Screw-In Series, GORE® PolyVent XS has a compact, low-profile design that meets rigorous performance standards.

It’s the perfect fit for densely-configured telecom, lighting or other small enclosures in harsh environments. GORE® PolyVent XS is also ideal for applications that demand a compact vent to maintain the design integrity of the enclosure.

New GORE<sup>®</sup> PolyVent XS: The Compact, Low-Profile Vent with Big Capabilities.

Compact format means more design choices and easier integration

  • Smaller diameter (11.2 mm):
    easier to integrate when space is limited.
  • Lower installed height (4.5 mm):
    less vulnerability to mechanical impacts.
  • Short thread height (7 mm):
    more flexibility in component layout and option for lighter enclosure walls.

Proven performance to rigorous standards

  • Comprehensive flammability resistance:
    ALL components (the new GORE™ Membrane, the vent body, cap and O-ring materials) are ratedUL 94 V-0 for added safety.
  • Robust performance:
    meets rigorous industry standards including Random Vibration and UV Light.
  • Reliable ingress protection:
    achieves IP66, IP67 and IP68 (1 hour immersion at 2 m).

Choose GORE® PolyVent XS with confidence
Each GORE® PolyVent XS is individually inspected and laser-marked, for 100% product traceability and assured reliability in the field.

Product Information
Product Name PolyVent XS
Thread Size M6x0.75
Product Number PMF100600
Product Performance Characteristics
Typical airflow 300 ml / min (dp = 70 mbar)
Laminate: membrane / backing material ePTFE / –
Membrane characteristic Oleophobic
Vent body & cap: material Polyamide (PA6/66)
Vent body & cap: color Black: RAL 9004
Wrench size 10 mm
O-ring material Silicone 60 Shore A
Counter nut: material / color / part number n/a
Traceability Yes: Individually laser-marked
Design and Dimensions
Units are in mm PolyVent XS dimensions
Recommended Installation
  • Install on a flat, vertical housing surface where water or other contaminants will not pool.
  • Orient the membrane so that it faces the external environment.
PolyVent XS installation