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Another advancement in pressure venting technology from Gore

Industry-leading protection with nearly double the airflow

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People are taking their devices everywhere and through all conditions, subjecting them to temperature changes, rapid altitude and pressure shifts, compression of sensitive touchscreens and even immersion in liquids. Over time, this can put stress on housing seals allowing water and contaminants to enter device, and create pressure build-ups in acoustic cavities causing transducer bias, compromising acoustic quality and eventually damaging the transducer.

New GORE Pressure Vents product model PE13 offers nearly double the airflow of its nearest competitor – our own product model PE12 – effectively minimizing speaker and receiver distortion caused by transducer bias, while providing IP68-rated water resistance for handsets and consumer electronic devices.

Available in custom and standard sizes to give manufacturers greater design flexibility – to either reduce the number of pressure vents used in their devices, or reduce the size of pressure vents for devices with limited internal space – without reducing effectiveness.

New GORE Pressure Vents product model PE13 also offers:

  • EXTREMELY HIGH AIRFLOW – with a nominal airflow of 19,000 ml/min/cm2 @ 70 mbar, product model PE13 provides nearly double the airflow of product model PE12.
  • ROBUST WATER PROTECTION – achieve high reliability, IP68-rated water immersion up to 1.5 m for 30 minutes.
  • GREATER DESIGN FLEXIBILITY – the option to use a smaller vent size with the same airflow for devices with limited internal space.

Choose GORE® with complete confidence

With over 20 years of industry expertise and over 3 billion vents sold, Gore provides the optimum venting solution to OEM manufacturing chains. Grounded in a deep understanding of acoustic science and SMT manufacturing processes – reinforced by years of experience in material sets and capabilities research – we are specialists at balancing the trade-offs between diverse problems such as adverse environments, contamination prevention and acoustic performance.

Product performance characteristics
IP rating (IEC 529, 2nd)a IP67, IP68b
ISO rating (ISO 22810) N/A
Typical airflow (dp = 70 mbar) 19,000 ml/min/cm2
Reference thicknesse 0.24 mm
Adhesive typef Silicone/Acrylic
Membrane type ePTFE
Membrane characteristic Oleophobic
Membrane color White
Support material PET
Part orientation Internal mount with ePTFE facing environment
Adhesive temperature range -40 °C to 100 °C
RoHSh Meet threshold requirements


a IP ratings depend on housing design and part size.
b Extended immersion testing: 1.5 m water immersion for 30 minutes.
e Actual thickness may vary due to the compressibility of nonwoven, ePTFE and adhesive layers.
f A wide range of options available as a custom product.
h To the best of our knowledge, the parts listed above do not have any restricted substances above the maximum concentration values listed in RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU. This information is based on our current level of knowledge and does not constitute a representation or warranty beyond those contained in our standard terms and conditions.