Gore’s Ethernet Cat6A cable terminated with the Carlisle Octax® M38999 size 11 connector.

To assist aircraft and military vehicle maintainers in successfully terminating our 4-pair Ethernet cables for Cat6A protocol with leading high-speed connector systems, we’ve developed instructions based on our best practices.

By following these detailed steps, you can maximize your assembly’s performance when connected to avionics and vectronics. You can also view electrical performance results after we tested our cables terminated with these connectors systems.

Connector System Electrical Performance Termination
Amphenol® Oval Contact System (OCS 13-53) Data (24 AWG) Instructions (24 AWG)
Data (26 AWG) Instructions (26 AWG)
Amphenol® µ-Com Data Instructions
Bel Stewart SS-39200 Series Data Instructions
Carlisle Octax® Data Instructions
Carlisle Octax® M38999 (Size 11) Data Instructions
Glenair® El Ochito® Data Instructions
HARTING RJ Industrial® 10G RJ45 Data Instructions
ITT Cannon OctoGig™ N/A Instructions
LEMO® 2B Series Data Instructions
MIL-DTL-38999 General Purpose N/A Instructions
Omnetics Micro 360® Cat6a Data N/A
TE Connectivity® CeeLok FAS-X® Data Instructions
TE Connectivity® CeeLok FAS-T® Data Instructions


View the complete list of connectors compatible with our Ethernet 4-pair version, including options in the table and more.

Amphenol is a registered trademark of Amphenol Corporation. CeeLok FAS-T and FAS-X are registered trademarks of TE Connectivity. Glenair and El Ochito are registered trademarks of Glenair, Inc. HARTING RJ Industrial is a registered trademark of HARTING Technology Group. ITT and Cannon are registered trademarks and OctoGig is a trademark of ITT Inc. LEMO is a registered trademark of LEMO SA. Micro 360 is a registered trademark of Omnetics Connector Corporation. Octax is a registered trademark of Carlisle Interconnect Technologies.


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