Visit Gore at the 2017 Army Aviation Summit in Booth 1045!

Gore exhibits new and proven high-performance fabrics, cables, and materials for Military and Defense Applications

At Gore, we continue to develop revolutionary technologies that meet the complex functional needs of the military and defense industry now and for the future. At the only event for the entire Army Aviation Community, we’ll showcase our extensive portfolio of new and proven products that ensure mission-critical success. We’ll also be conducting live demonstrations that replicate installation challenges in an airframe.

Building on the tradition of our GORE-TEX® fabric, GORE® Military Fabrics continue to play a vital role in the production of best-in-class protective clothing products for all branches of the U.S. Military — products our military personnel has come to trust for more than 30 years.

GORE® Military Fabrics is committed to understanding the evolving functional needs of the warfighter in harsh and demanding environments around the world. Whether that need be durably waterproof, windproof and breathable protection, burn protection, or chemical and biological hazard protection, the military looks to Gore for creative, dependable solutions.

When it comes to cables and materials in aircraft, the military also looks to Gore for reliable, long-lasting solutions. Our expanded portfolio of high-density interconnects ensures excellent signal integrity and consistent power delivery safely in the toughest military conditions they encounter. Our small, lightweight high data rate cables deliver faster data transmission over longer distances while supporting new and standard protocols such as Ethernet Cat6a, Fiber Optics, HDMI and more. Our power and signal delivery cables provide outstanding signal integrity with optimized shielding for the highest bandwidth and the lowest skew in the most advanced avionics.

Proven by more than 20 years of successful applications, GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials are specified by leading military and commercial aircraft OEMs and solve many sealing and surface protection challenges. These lightweight, no-cure tapes and gaskets simplify aircraft assembly with seals that can withstand multiple open-close cycles for reduced life-cycle costs.

GORE-FLIGHT™ Microwave Assemblies are a lightweight, fit-and-forget solution that delivers the lowest insertion loss before and after installation, guaranteeing consistent performance for the life of your system. Known as the purple cable, GORE® PHASELFEX® Microwave/RF Test Assemblies provide excellent phase and amplitude stability with flexure, ensuring consistent performance over time in lab and field test environments.

Throughout the summit, we’ll conduct live demonstrations at our booth using a simulator that we developed to evaluate the stress of routing during installation of microwave airframe assemblies.

Whatever solutions you need to meet the latest industry standards, protocols, and system requirements, you can be certain that our products deliver failure-free, lifelong performance. Find out more by scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists during the summit. For Protective Fabrics, email Jason Rodriquez, and for Cables and Materials, email Gail Smith-Berry.