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When we fly, we want to take off and stay connected to everyone we know and everything that’s going on in the world. We want the “ultimate passenger experience” where we can quickly and easily access our laptops/tablets, log onto the Internet/social media, use our mobile phones, upload/download content. At this year’s expo, Gore will present high-performance solutions that ensure passengers have a more connected travel experience from the cockpit to the tail.

Quick & Constant IFEC

Our cables and cable assemblies in durable, compact, flexible and routable designs ensure reliable in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) in demanding conditions for as long as the aircraft remains in service.

Products like our rugged microwave/RF assemblies with robust connector options deliver superior radio frequency for Ka, Ku and L Band satellite antenna applications while reducing RF interference among multiple electronic systems. Passengers and flight crews can communicate on portal devices and critical systems without losing signal connectivity during flights.

GORE™ Leaky Feeder Antennas significantly reduce dead spots using a single antenna installed along the length of the cabin. Passengers can access wireless networks for their portable devices and IFE systems no matter where they’re seated.

We're reshaping the future of modern avionics with our high data rate cables, like Ethernet, USB, HDMI, fiber optics and more. Passengers can download IFE content fast, watch movies/videos on high-definition displays, charge devices quickly and easily, and stay online without any interruptions. Flight crews can receive critical data in real time and view cockpit displays with clarity.

Revolutionary Cable Jacket Systems

Our selection of jacket systems is ideal for packaging cables required to enable today’s high-speed architecture and future designs such as USB, HDMI, Fiber Optics Simplex and more. Check out our cable protection systems and don’t miss our new GORE™ High Abrasion Jacket System built with a revolutionary fluoropolymer fiber material proven to meet stricter durability requirements for cables installed in cockpit and cabin seats.

Fly with Confidence

Whatever solutions you need to elevate passenger experience, you can be confident that our cables and materials will deliver failure-free IFEC in the toughest flight conditions. Find out more by scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists during the expo. Email to Petra Tillmanns for more information.