Gore Exhibiting Time-Tested and Proven Solutions for Commercial Aircraft Applications

Aircraft Interiors 2018 LogoFlight crews and passengers want and expect high-speed content uploads/downloads, constant connectivity to IFE/portable devices, and high-definition aircraft displays while traveling. Manufacturers want low-profile cables and materials that withstand rigorous routing in less space and perform reliably in demanding conditions to increase aircraft availability, reduce downtime, and decrease weight and overall costs. At this year’s expo, we’ll showcase our extensive collection of proven, high-performance solutions from the cockpit to the tail for a more connected travel experience.

Performance Now & Over Time

Our selection of rugged coaxial and microwave airframe assemblies in compact, flexible designs ensure unfailing signal integrity over the aircraft’s lifetime. GORE™ Leaky Feeder Antennas significantly reduce dead spots using a single antenna installed along the length of the cabin. Passengers can access wireless networks for their portable devices and IFE systems regardless of their location in the cabin.

GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies, Types 5H, G5, 8W for Ka-Band/Ku-Band antenna applications deliver superior radio frequency while providing excellent insertion/return loss and outstanding shielding effectiveness. The lightweight, fit-and-forget 6 Series of GORE-FLIGHT™ Microwave Assemblies for Ku-Band antenna applications are proven to maintain the lowest insertion loss and more reliable VSWR performance before/after installation, during use and over time. Our vapor-sealed 7 Series for Ku-Band/L-Band antenna applications are specifically designed to prevent the ingress of water vapor, jet fuel, and other harsh contaminants. We also offer a variety of robust, low-profile connector options designed to optimize cable performance and an interface to use with replacement connectors.

Reliable High-Speed Signals

Our assortment of high data rate cables is reshaping the future of high-speed data transmission in modern avionics. These small, lightweight, highly flexible yet durable cables transmit data at high speeds while supporting the latest protocols like Ethernet, USB, HDMI, fiber optics and more. Passengers can download IFE content quicker, watch movies/videos on high-definition displays, charge devices quickly and easily, and stay online without any interruptions. Flight crews can receive critical data in real time and view cockpit displays with high clarity.

Durable Sealing/Surface Protection

Proven by more than 20 years of successful applications, GORE™ SKYFLEX™ Aerospace Materials solve many sealing and surface protection challenges. Our series of dry, lightweight yet durable tapes and gaskets can withstand multiple open/close cycles. They’re routinely specified by leading commercial aircraft OEMs because they simplify aircraft assembly, increase throughput, improve safety and reduce life-cycle costs.

Whatever solutions you need to meet the latest protocols and requirements, you can be confident that our cables and materials deliver failure-free performance no matter the conditions inside or outside the aircraft. Find out more by scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists during the expo. Send an email today to  Petra Tillmanns.