GORE-TEX® Fabrics

Gore fabric technologies have revolutionized the performance of fabrics by controlling porosity through unique microstructures. Membrane technologies and advanced polymers and materials have been developed to meet specific performance criteria for outdoor activities as well as occupational and industrial uses.

Gore complements its expertise in membrane technology with in-depth knowledge of fabric performance and polymer technology. Ongoing field and laboratory tests -- combined with the development of advanced adhesives, coatings, fabric finishes and seam-sealing materials -- ensure durable, high-performance garments and footwear.

In outerwear, unprecedented end-user warranty and manufacturers' licensing programs for products made with GORE-TEX® fabric have set the standard for durably liquidproof, breathable garments, footwear, and accessories available.

GORE-TEX® Fabrics offer exceptional strength, abrasion resistance and toughness as compared to other synthetic fibers, including other PTFE fibers.

They are ideal for a wide variety of applications and industries, including the following:

  • protective outerwear
  • military, safety, and protective services gear
  • aerospace
  • electronic
  • geotextiles
  • marine
  • transportation applications
  • frictional bearing surfaces
  • industrial equipment covers
  • transition pieces for bulk powder handling
  • wire harnesses
  • electrical cable insulation and/or spacing