These values demonstrate the optical, mechanical and environmental performance of GORE Fiber Optic Cables (900 micron) for civil aircraft.

We invite you to download the data sheet for more technical information and performance data.

Electrical Property Value
Maximum Optical Loss at 850 nm dB/km 3.0
Maximum Optical Loss at 1310 nm dB/km 1.0
Mechanical / Environmental Property Value
Jacket Material PEEK
Jacket Color Tan
Core Type Single Mode or Multi-Mode
Coating Type High-Temperature Acrylate
Buffering System Expanded PTFE
Temperature Range °C -60 to +135

We invite you to download our drawings to view cable characteristics, like diameter sizes and weight.

Part Number Mode Type Core Cladding Coating
GSC-13-85067-00 OM1 (Multi-Mode) 62.5 125 245
GSC-13-85424-00 OM4 (Multi-Mode) 50 125 245
GSC-13-85375-00 SM (Single Mode) 9 125 245
GSC-13-85869-00 OM5 (Multi-Mode) 50 125 245