We support soldiers in AMPVs and manufacturers of next-gen aircraft.

At Gore, we’ve been a long-trusted partner to the armed forces and the original equipment manufacturers who support them. They rely on our solutions because they’re proven to ensure failure-free protection, performance and survivability.

There’s no margin for error in the field, so Gore’s high-speed data cables support the performance needs of the most advanced open-architecture sensors installed on armored vehicles. Our proven solutions have been trusted for decades by the defense industry, delivering life-protecting performance where it matters most.

Do we place a value on quality, precision and longevity?

Yes, which is why we engineer things right from the outset — ultimately saving you time, money and perhaps a whole lot more.

Solutions to Your Design Challenges

Check out the capabilities and solutions that we offer to the aerospace and defense sector and our role in future aircraft programs.

Optimize Your System Capabilities

Saving weight is an important design and modernization consideration for defense aircraft to increase payload, fuel efficiency, range and time on station. Design engineers need lighter cables — and our solutions can save up to 62.5 lbs. of weight and 25% of space in aircraft. Learn more by reading our technical paper:

Aircraft Weight Savings through Innovative Materials Science & Unique Cable Designs

When sealing aircraft structures, the industry traditionally uses two-component materials, like messy wet seals that take time to install. What if you could speed up the installation process without any mess and get aircraft into service faster? Find out how by reading our case study:

Effectively Seal and Protect Helicopter Structures to Prevent Chafing Damage

Free Webinars

Using real-world examples, our experts will show you the importance of choosing and installing the right cables and assemblies in critical systems to ensure mission readiness and success.


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