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Higher airflow. Lower pressure drop. Watch the video of our product team talk about how they developed an innovative solution to address productivity limitations and rising energy costs in the fermentation process. 

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Gore, at its roots is all about being innovative, fast, and being unique.

In the filtration portion of fermentation processes, the products that have been developed have been pretty stagnant, as far as filtration performance. There hadn't been really a step change introduced in a number of decades. Gore was able to develop a membrane that had a much higher flow performance than what had been historically available, and we took the opportunity to develop a product around that technology that could be a drop-in replacement for these existing housings, yet offer a 2x improvement.

The GORE Fermentation Air Filter is for supplying filtered feed air to fermentation processes and essentially our filters can use the compressors at the same operating conditions and get a higher airflow without any additional energy loss. So they're able to maintain or possibly increase the amount of oxygen in their process. You know the ultimate success here at Gore is to provide value to a customer. We pride ourselves in understanding the fundamentals behind these products, which includes all the way from the tensile resin for the membrane to the final product manufacturing and everything in between. We'll do periodic evaluations of the filters after they've been in use in a trial. We'll take them back to our laboratory, perform some of our standard testing on them, give them a report with the results, and a lot of times they haven't had filter manufacturers do work like this before.

It's all about really meeting the customer's needs and expectations and delivering value to them. And if we don't keep a pulse on that and collaborate with them, we may end up in a place that's not bringing value to them. People don't know what's possible until they see it. Until we came in, they didn't think it was possible to have a filter that would have the kind of performance that we could provide with our innovative materials.

From an overall company standpoint, that's why you look for: You look for the excitement that you are truly bringing something unique to the industry that just wasn't there before and provides this unique value that, in the end, provides benefit to us and the customers as well.