ゴア<sup>®</sup> アコースティックベント GAW337、GAW338


極小サイズで卓越した音響性能 ゴア® アコースティックベントの新製品は、音響性能を犠牲にすることなく、ベントのサイズを最小限に抑えることで自由なスペースを確保し、設計の自由度を最大限に広げます。


Cover For Organic Waste Treatment

GORE® Cover For Organic Waste Treatment

Just how efficiently and reliably large quantities can be processed compliant to EU Animal By Product Regulations (ABPR) in a small space is demonstrated when GORE Cover is used in a metal frame construction, such as installed at London Waste's EcoPark, UK.

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Cube satellites surrounding the Earth


As the NewSpace industry moves towards smaller, low-cost satellites and vehicles with fast-paced designs and frequent, inexpensive launch capabilities, W. L. Gore & Associates is standing by with a technology path forward for system and harnessing engineers. Highlighting our extensive materials expertise and decades of proven spaceflight heritage, our high data rate cables are reliable, affordable and delivered quickly to meet demanding low Earth orbit (LEO) and medium Earth orbit (MEO) program schedules.

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GORE® Space Cables and Assemblies Brochure for Traditional Space

Space Traditional Space

For decades, W. L. Gore & Associates has served as a trusted partner to hundreds of spaceflight programs, delivering failure-free performance through GORE® Space Cables and Assemblies. They are suitable for a range of low Earth orbit (LEO) and geostationary Earth orbit (GEO) applications, from satellites that help forecast weather to launchers that transport payloads from Earth’s surface to orbit. Gore’s cables and assemblies are also ideal for use in deep space exploration telescopes, helping astronomers observe the most distant events and objects in the universe.

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Brochure cover shows a lab technician in protective gear operating test machinery.

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

Gore’s rigorously compliant, technology-driven products and process components designed for efficiency, reliability and contamination control.

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GORE Space Cables Brochure cover image


For more than 25 years, Gore has provided highly reliable spaceflight solutions with a 100-percent success rate. Our solutions ensure power is delivered safely and reliably while improving signal speed and integrity among electrical systems.

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Civil Aircraft With GORE® Aerospace Cables And Materials

Aerospace Civil Aircraft

The demand for new and updated aircraft is strong for many reasons, from the increasing demand for travel and better fuel efficiency to expectations for quick, reliable connectivity to devices and in-flight entertainment (IFE). To support this shift towards enhancing aircraft aerospace technologies, W. L. Gore & Associates offers GORE® Aerospace Cables and Materials for civil aircraft.

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GORE® Aerospace High-Speed Data Cables


Download our full catalog of high data rate solutions for civil and defense aircraft. Technical information includes cable properties/characteristics, applications, qualifications, performance data, cable preparation, connector options, and ordering information.

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Pour les textiles marins et d’extérieur, le fil à coudre GORE® TENARA® est le choix polyvalent et de hauteperformance

Fil à coudre pour les applications extérieures

Pour les textiles marins et d’extérieur, le fil à coudre GORE TENARA est le choix polyvalent et de haute performance.


Per prodotti nautiei e per esterno, il filo per cucire GORE® TENARA® è una scelta versatile che assicura elevate prestazioni

Filo da cucire per applicazioni esterne

Per prodotti nautici e per esterno, il filo per cucire GORE TENARA è una scelta versatile che assicura elevate prestazioni.