The client discovered an exceedingly high incidence of warranty claims for their wearable consumer electronic device over a four month period.

The product would intermittently stop working due to sweat and water intrusion into the mic/volume adjust module.

The product would often begin working again once the water had dried out, however, in some instances, the water and sweat caused permanent damage meaning the product underperformed or stopped working all together.

The client halted production and recalled all existing products from retail and online stores until a viable solution was rapidly introduced by GORE.



Lengthy Commercial Sales Stoppage Averted - GAW112

Once the client outlined their requirements, the Gore engineers understood that the current water resistance specification for the device only needed to protect against dust and splash (IP53).

Therefore, the best option was to specify GORE® acoustic vent product model GAW112, as it would provide a low level of attenuation and an excellent defense against water/sweat ingress.

    Once the solution was decided upon, we were provided with a range of product samples and data that enabled us to test the solution and confirm that our product solved the problem.
    Furthermore, we assured the client that our global team could support the supply chain needs in China, which put the client’s mind at ease.
    The Gore team were able to resolve the issue that the client faced in a matter of days by installing the GAW112 vent as a “drop-in replacement”. Gore then worked closely with the client’s contract manufacturer to ensure that the parts were installed correctly.



Lengthy Commercial Sales Stoppage Averted

Before GORE involvement: ~20% product fallout

After GORE involvement: <1% product fallout

Virtually eliminated water and sweat ingress while achieving acceptable acoustic performance compared to the original competitive product



Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.