C-E Air Preheater Ray-Jet® collector (288 bags); gas flow: 13,000 acfm at 230ºF continuous (340-350ºF maximum); air-to-cloth ratio: 3.2/1; inlet loading: 18.7 gr/acf; moisture content of gas stream: 29% by volume.

Optimization Potential

Teflon® coated Nomex® felt bags would allow a production rate of only 1,455 lbs/hr (70% of capacity). Even at this low production rate, the DP across the bags would rise from 2" H2O to 10"+ within 16 hours of operation. The process had to be shut down for approximately 2 hours to restore the bags to an operable condition. After 12 days of service, the bags were removed. During this period, over 226,000 lbs. of product was lost due to derated capacity and down time.


GORE® membrane/Nomex® felt filter bags were installed.


The filter bags provided over 12 months of less than 6" DP service and allowed continuous production. At the design rate of 2,080 lb/hr failure occurred because of wear at the snap band cuff due to cage movement.


Not for use in food, drug, cosmetic or medical device manufacturing, processing, or packaging operations.