Cost-Effective, Low-Risk NewSpace Solutions

GORE Space Cables ensure safe and reliable power distribution up to 600 Vrms with low-frequency signals while delivering continuous high data rate transmission up to 12 Gbps per lane. Our hook-up wires are chemically inert and thermally resistant to withstand atomic oxygen and radiation. With excellent insertion/return loss and ultra-low skew, our high-speed data cables support the latest protocols such as Ethernet, XAUI RapidIO™, and USB. All of our space cables operate without failure in temperatures ranging from -200 °C to +180 °C. 

With a variety of connector options, our selection of GORE Spaceflight Microwave/RF Assemblies operate from DC to 40 GHz in high-density, high-frequency and high-power applications. They deliver reliable signals with low loss, excellent phase stability, and outstanding shielding effectiveness in temperatures ranging from -65°C to +150°C.

Thanks to their unique construction, GORE Space Cables and Assemblies deliver a host of benefits not attainable with alternative products, such as:

  • Cost-effective, low-risk solutions qualified to NASA Level 2, ESA Class 2 and Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6+ 
  • Reliable power, high-quality signals with low loss/skew and high data rate transmission 
  • Durable protection against extreme temperatures, chemicals, radiation, atomic oxygen, shock and vibration 
  • Small, lightweight constructions helping to meet challenging mass budgets 
  • Robust, low-profile connector options increase design flexibility and optimize assembly footprint 
  • Proven performance with 100% failure-free flight record in hundreds of traditional spaceflight programs

Tested & Qualified Products

GORE Space Cables and Assemblies have been proven through qualification testing replicating integration, launch, and in-orbit phases. These small, low-weight solutions are qualified to the following industry standards for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and Medium Earth Orbit (LEO) applications:

  • NASA EEE-INST-002 Level 2: Instructions for Electronic and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts Selection, Screening, Qualification, and Derating 
  • ESA ECSS-Q-ST-60-13C Annex G Class 2: Space Product Assurance – Commercial Electrical, EEE Components 
  • TRL 6+: Demonstrating Critical Functions in Relevant Environments 

With our comprehensive understanding of products and appropriately scoped test processes, we can meet demanding schedules for NewSpace application programs.

Learn More About GORE Space Cables and Assemblies for NewSpace

For more information about GORE Space Cables and Assemblies for NewSpace, contact a Gore representative today. Alternatively, utilize the GORE Microwave/RF Assembly Calculator online tool, which helps you calculate insertion loss, VSWR and other parameters of our cable assemblies. Also utilize the GORE Microwave/RF Assembly Builder online tool, which allows you to build an assembly that’s right for your exact needs and request a quote. 

When you’re ready to purchase GORE Space Cables and Assemblies for NewSpace, contact an authorized distributor