Cable Performance and Specifications

Durable, high-performance cables are essential for electronic systems to communicate reliably and accurately, which is why Gore set out to enable engineers to increase aircraft efficiency through the implementation of new or improved electrical systems. GORE Aerospace Cables and Materials for Military Aircraft are engineered to withstand broad temperature ranges, abrasion, repeated mechanical stress, high voltages and harsh contaminants. Gore’s line of solutions includes the following products:

  • GORE® FireWire® Cables, 1394b for Defense
  • GORE® Shielded Twisted Pair Cables
  • GORE® Fiber Optic Cables
  • GORE® Ethernet Cables
  • GORE® Coaxial Cables
Assemblies and Systems
  • GORE-FLIGHT® Microwave Assemblies
  • GORE® MIL-STD-1760 Assemblies
  • GORE® Fibre Channel Assemblies
  • GORE® Microwave/RF Assemblies, 7 Series
  • GORE® Cableband Systems
  • GORE® EMI Shielding Materials
  • GORE® SKYFLEX® Aerospace Materials

Our cables are engineered with robust insulation that withstands the mechanical stress of flight operations and is resistant to any cut-through or abrasion damage that could occur during installation. When compared to alternatives, GORE Aerospace Cables and Materials for Military Aircraft also deliver several advantages, including:

Resistance to Common Aerospace Challenges

From the cockpit to the tail, Gore’s products are engineered specifically to withstand the most common electrical, mechanical and environmental challenges in the aerospace industry. Because harsh stress factors can easily affect performance throughout the aircraft, Gore takes care to ensure that these cables and materials are durable and flexible enough to withstand aerospace conditions.

Reliable Performance for Mission Assurance

GORE Aerospace Cables and Materials for Military Aircraft are optimized for high performance in challenging military applications, ensuring reliable signal integrity and consistent power delivery. They provide excellent signal transmission with optimized shielding for the highest bandwidth and lowest skew to ensure mission-critical success. Further ensuring reliable performance, Gore’s airframe assemblies deliver the lowest insertion loss – before and after installation. As an alternative to form-in-place seals, our non-curing, easy-to-use tapes and gaskets reduce maintenance by maintaining seals over multiple open/close cycles.

Reduced Life-Cycle Costs

Constructed with Gore’s innovative fluoropolymer technologies, GORE Aerospace Cables and Materials for Military Aircraft are significantly smaller with thinner insulation than alternatives. They’re also built to last for the entire life of the system, meaning fewer replacements and downtime for maintenance. By making the switch to Gore solutions, which are up to 60% lighter than industry standards, you can reduce aircraft weight, improve fuel efficiency and decrease operating costs by thousands of dollars.

Meeting Rigorous Standards for Military Applications

GORE Aerospace Cables and Materials for Military Aircraft have been fully prequalified, tested and flight-proven to guarantee long-lasting performance. Our world-class testing facilities are comprised of three areas of expertise: digital and microwave signal analysis, environmental and stress testing and electromagnetic compatibility. This allows us to ensure that our solutions perform reliably in regards to all electrical parameters, including:

  • Impedance control
  • Attenuation
  • Crosstalk
  • EMI
  • And more

In addition, Gore has a proven track record for delivering reliable, long-lasting products for use in the most challenging environments in the aerospace industry, including:

  • Apollo space missions
  • Mars Landers
  • Every major military aircraft, from the F-15 to F-35

How to Order GORE Aerospace Cables and Materials for Military Aircraft

Lead the military aerospace industry with Gore as your partner. No matter which solutions you’re looking for, GORE Aerospace Cables and Materials for Military Aircraft are proven to deliver long-term, dependable performance. To learn more, contact a Gore representative today or request complimentary high data rate cable samples in 48 hours. If you’re ready to make a purchase, reach out to a trusted Gore distributor.


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