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Power Pairs

GORE® Geophysical Seismic Cables: Power Pairs

Lightweight and with a smaller diameter and voltage rating than conventional power pairs, GORE™ Power Pair Cables deliver the mechanical stability and efficiency needed in marine geophysical exploration applications.

Fuel Cell Components

Fuel Cell Components

Gore supplies the most technologically advanced portfolio of MEAs (membrane electrode assemblies) and membranes for the proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell industry.

Waste to Energy Baghouse Filters

Filter Bags for the Waste-to-Energy Industry

Incineration plants and other manufacturers in the waste-to-energy industry must control air pollutant emissions while also controlling costs. GORE® Filter Bags offer reliable solutions for capturing particulates and destroying volatile pollutants, providing near-zero emissions at a lower overall cost of ownership.

GORE Mercury Control Systems

GORE Mercury Control Systems

Based on a novel Sorbent Polymer Composite (SPC) material developed by GORE, the GORE Mercury Control System provides both high efficiency and a high capacity for removing elemental and oxidized mercury from flue gas streams, and reduces SO2 concentrations.

GORE Turbine Filters

GORE® Turbine Filters for Air Inlet Filtration

Upgrading to GORE Turbine Filters with E12 hydrophobic HEPA technology has provided enormous value to rotating equipment users.

 High Flex Cable Assemblies For Nuclear Industry

High Flex Cable Assemblies For
Nuclear Industry

Gore provides reliable, high flex life cable systems for nuclear reprocessing, storage and decommissioning applications. These custom solutions are radiation tolerant, flame retardant, chemical resistant and provide a cable solution with reduced cable diameter and weight. For harsh environments where medium to high radiation is present, Gore provides reliable cable solutions that won’t decompose.