GORE® Vents for Digital Cameras

Camera vents from Gore reliably protect against immersion and the elements, including dust, rain and splashes.

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Portable Electronic Vents

Why Choose a GORE® Acoustic Vent?

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Gore has an unsurpassed track record in delivering global venting solutions. As the worldwide leader in venting technology, we've engineered unique venting materials and structures for everything from medical and industrial applications to GORE-TEX® fabrics for consumer outerwear.

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The proliferation of digital image-sharing platforms means consumers are taking their digital cameras more places, more often. To protect digital cameras more reliably, virtually every leading manufacturer worldwide relies on the proven performance of Gore vents.

Gore vents equalize pressure differentials more rapidly, even in the face of extreme shifts in altitude or temperature, so stress on housing seals is reduced. And Gore immersion vents offer exceptionally reliable protection for ruggedized and underwater cameras. For digital cameras that perform more reliably for longer, with fewer warranty claims, rely on the technology leadership and custom-consulting expertise of Gore.

Protect Cameras Reliably, Even Under Water, with Vents from Gore
Protect Cameras Reliably, Even Under Water, with Vents from Gore

Acoustic Vents

Acoustically-transparent performance from IP54 (dust and splash-level) to IP68 (immersion-level) protection.

  • Speakers
  • Microphones

Pressure Vents

Rapidly equalize pressure to protect housing seals from premature failure.

New GORE® Pressure Vents product model PE13

New GORE Pressure Vents product model PE13

New GORE Pressure Vents product model PE13

Extreme pressure meets ultimate protection.

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Recent News

Press Release

Gore Introduces the Latest Advancement in Improving Yields Through the MEMS Microphone Manufacturing Process

Posted January 31, 2019

The latest portable electronic devices are expected to go everywhere with us and withstand anything, as soon as they leave the assembly line… but what about while they are still on the assembly line?


Reduce Failure. Enhance Yields.

Posted January 31, 2019

There are several technical challenges during high-volume assembly of printed circuit boards that can jeopardize the integrity of MEMS microphones. Gore’s design and engineering teams have developed a unique solution – new GORE MEMS Protective Vents.

Press Release

Gore Introduces Another Advancement in Pressure Venting Technology – New GORE® Pressure Vents Product Model PE13

Posted November 27, 2018

The new GORE® Pressure Vents product model PE13 vastly improves airflow while offering highly reliable particle contaminant and liquid immersion protection.


Extreme Pressure Meets Ultimate Protection.

Posted November 27, 2018

People are taking their devices everywhere and through all conditions, subjecting them to temperature changes, rapid altitude and pressure shifts, compression of sensitive touchscreens and even immersion in liquids. Over time, this can put stress on housing seals allowing water and contaminants to enter device, and create pressure build-ups in acoustic cavities causing transducer bias, compromising acoustic quality and eventually damaging the transducer.

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