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GORE STA-PURE Gasketing Products Style 1500 and Style 1200 deliver exceptional flange-sealing performance for applications that require fully documented food-contact compliance...or full lot traceability.

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GORE STA-PURE Pipe Gasket Style 1500

Gaskets for Pharmaceutical and Food Processing

GORE STA-PURE Pipe Gasket Style 1500 delivers and maintains exceptional flange sealing performance in metal, glass-lined steel and FRP piping systems for pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing.

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GORE STA-PURE Gasketing Products deliver the reliable sealing performance, lot traceability and regulatory compliance that are increasingly crucial to pharmaceutical, food and beverage processing operations.

Both Style 1500 and Style 1200 are made of 100% expanded PTFE (ePTFE) and manufactured using Gore’s proprietary designs and processes. With highly-consistent material composition, these gasketing products offer long and reliable service life, the versatility to work well with many different piping systems, and of course the sealing performance characteristics your applications demand:

  • Tightness for emissions control
  • Exceptional resistance to creep and cold flow
  • Chemically inert, to resist even highly-aggressive media
  • Blow-out resistance
  • Dimensional stability, even at high temperatures and pressures
  • Conformability

Style 1500 gaskets and Style 1200 sheet gasketing are ideal for system-wide use, since they:

  • are engineered to reliably seal many different piping systems
  • can lower total system costs through standardization/inventory consolidation
  • can reduce maintenance costs and downtime due to long service life
  • satisfy rigorous quality standards and regulatory requirements
  • are fully documented and lot-traceable

Tested and manufactured under a stringent quality system and appropriate Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs), GORE STA-PURE Gasketing Products comply fully with the most rigorous international regulatory standards.   

Creep Resistance

Creep resistance is the gasket's ability to resist creep relaxation, an unwanted deformation that occurs while a gasket is in service. Avoiding such deformation retains bolt load in a flanged connection to minimize leakage.

A gasket material with greater creep resistance provides more assurance that the seal will be maintained, thereby maximizing operational reliability and sealing performance of your flanged connection.

Compliance and Quality

Protect the process

Contamination can occur anywhere during the manufacturing process, so why take the risk? GORE STA-PURE Gasketing Products for pipe flanges meet the highest standards for quality and purity. These sealing solutions are fully-documented US and EU Food Contact Compliant – ideal for pharmaceutical, food & beverage manufacturing.

Commitment to high standards and quality control

GORE STA-PURE Pipe Gasket Style 1500 and GORE STA-PURE Sheet Gasketing Style 1200 are engineered, manufactured and certified to meet the most stringent regulatory and quality requirements, including:

  • EU Food Contact Compliant per EC No. 1935/2004
  • EU Migration Limit Testing per EU No. 10/2011
  • EU GMP per EC 2023/2006
  • US Food Contact Compliant per 21 CFR 174.5 (d)
  • Raw materials meet one or more:

    - 21 CFR Parts 182 or 184
    - 21CFR Parts 175-178 Notification under section 409 (h)

  • Biocompatibility USP Class VI (88)
  • Quality Management Practices per ISO13485 and ISO15378
  • Manufactured to relevant cGMPs
  • Lot Traceability

View and download a copy of the Compliance Statements document.