When everyday electronics require high signal integrity, shielding effectiveness and lightweight profile, GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields — a multi-cavity, board-level EMI shielding solution — deliver superior performance, ease of installation and quick removal during inspections.

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EMI Shielding & Grounding Solutions - Mobile Electronics

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Everyday-use electronics call for shielding that is effective yet lightweight, robust yet easily removed, smartly constructed yet easily integrated into a manufacturer’s design. Many of today’s existing shielding technologies — including perforated metal cans — do some of these things well but fail at others.

GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields are multi-cavity shields providing high performance in signal integrity, weight, shielding effectiveness, easy installation and removal, and versatility during design.

The shields consist of a lightweight, metallized plastic material that is thermoformed to virtually any design. The shields are attached to your PCB via a patented attachment mechanism utilizing individual BGA solder spheres. The shields are metallized with tin on the outside surface only, resulting in narrower ground traces, reduced space between components, and reduced shield heights when compared to existing shielding solutions (no air gap needed).

In addition to custom contoured design and manufacturing flexibility, the EMI Shields have superior shielding performance when compared to perforated, soldered metal cans.

GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shielding Effectiveness Chart

GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields offer far superior shielding effectiveness to perforated cans.

Through their combined properties of high signal integrity, shielding effectiveness, light weight, and ease of installation and removal — along with their low profile — GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields provide high performance in a number of applications, including handheld radios, wireless communication headsets and rugged handheld computers.


Because of the versatile nature of GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields, they can provide high performance in a number of everyday-use electronics applications, including:

  • Broadband data center routers
  • Commercial communication devices
  • Military handheld radios
  • Industrial barcode scanners
  • Mobile consumer electronics

To learn more about the EMI Shields’ effectiveness across applications, please read our Success Stories

Features & Benefits

The key feature of GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields is their superior shielding performance, which allows everyday electronics to maintain signal integrity — highly important for customer satisfaction, but even more crucial in military and other mission-critical applications.

Additional features and benefits of the EMI Shields include:

  • Lightweight, metallized plastic material
  • Easy BGA attachment mechanism
  • Installs after SMT reflow and inspection processes
  • Complete design flexibility
  • Easily removable by hand

If you have additional questions about the features and benefits of our EMI Shields, please contact a Gore representative.

Success Stories

Across the electronics industry, Gore has partnered with manufacturers to solve challenges in a way that leads to long-lasting, reliable performance. With the light weight and shielding effectiveness of GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields, we’ve provided manufacturers with a way to maintain signal integrity while keeping their products lightweight and easy to use.

Success Story 1: Broadband Router PCB

The Result: Increased component density combined with easy installation after reflow.

The Situation: As high speed data bandwidth consumption has grown, delivery of video and telephony services has converged over internet protocol networks. To support this market need, network operators require more advanced broadband routers. Using a Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) architecture, these devices reduce the rack space required, power consumption and heat generated, while dramatically increasing data capacity. The circuit boards that drive these devices are expensive, densely packed and contain multiple multi-core processors and SDRAM chips.

As clock speeds and densities increased, the need for higher signal to noise ratios drove the need for EMI shielding on transceiver and clock components. Given the density of components and the frequent need for inspection and rework after reflow, traditional frame and lid EMI shielding solutions were not satisfactory.

Our Solution: Multiple-cavity GORE® SNAPSHOT® EMI Shields were selected to provide cross-talk protection for a bank of transceiver chips. Complex geometry GORE® SNAPSHOT® EMI Shields were designed to isolate clock components to preserve signal integrity. All shields were easily attached without the need for soldering using Gore’s patented solder sphere attachment mechanism after the reflow step simplifying inspection and rework of the board. Reworking a board after the shields were attached was also extremely easy, since the shields could be quickly and easily removed by hand to access the components under the shield and new shields could be attached without damaging the components or the board.

Download the case study.

Success Story 2: Handheld Radio

Result: Improved design flexibility for prototype and small quantity applications.

The Situation: Our customer develops prototypes and small quantities of handheld radios (less than 500 units) for defense applications. Key issues for this application include:

  • Reliable data transmission, including GPS
  • Low power usage
  • The need for a smaller and lighter package
  • Synthesized frequency range

The customer had been soldering standard metal cans to the boards to provide board-level shielding. However, these shields were difficult to use, particularly when changes needed to be made during the design process. Additionally, the boards were expensive to tool, took longer to prototype, and reduced flexibility in designing the radio’s packaging.

Our Solution: GORE® SNAPSHOT® EMI Shields improve design flexibility and provide high quality signal performance up to 12 gigahertz. The customer can now focus on effective board design without being limited by the shape of traditional shielding cans. Our EMI Shields are flexible, multi-cavity shields that allow the customer to reduce package size by varying the height of the shield within each cavity. After working with our application engineers to design one radio’s board using Gore board-level EMI shields, this customer has adopted Gore’s technology to provide shielding on almost every new radio design.

Download the case study.

Success Story 3: Wireless Communication Headset

Result: Reduced interference with lightweight shielding for wireless communication devices.

The Situation: Our customer was developing a communication system to be worn by athletic coaches in all types of outdoor environments. The system included a headset and a wireless transmitter worn on the coach’s belt. Key issues for this application included:

  • Unreliable data transmission
  • Interference from external sources
  • The need for lightweight packaging

The customer had previously used a combination of conductive coating, casting and gaskets for EMI shielding. However, this approach did not provide adequate shielding and resulted in a product that was too heavy for the user to wear.

Our Solution: GORE® SNAPSHOT® EMI Shields ensure excellent signal performance up to 12 gigahertz and improve shielding effectiveness by providing excellent signal isolation between critical areas. These lightweight, multicavity shields allowed the customer to minimize product size and weight by customizing the height and shape of the shields used in the transmitter.

Download the case study

Success Story 4: Rugged Handheld Computer

Result: Improved signal integrity in low-profile handheld devices for rugged environments.

The Situation: Our customer was developing a new generation of a handheld computer for use in rugged industrial environments. The device offered five separate radio interfaces — GPRS, CDMa, GPS, 802.xx WAN and Bluetooth. Key issues for this application include:

  • Reliable data transmission without interference among the separate interfaces
  • Minimized stack-up
  • Low-profile package

The device’s stack-up included a display, a keypad, multiple boards for processors, the radios and memory. The customer quickly realized that traditional cans would not meet the low-profile requirements for the device.

Our Solution: GORE® SNAPSHOT® EMI Shields improve shielding effectiveness by more than 10 dB, providing excellent signal isolation between critical areas. Using these flexible, multi-cavity shields,the customer was able to focus on effective PCB design and mechanical layout without being limited by the shape of traditional shielding cans. GORE® SNAPSHOT® EMI Shields  reduced the product profile by varying the height and shape of each of the nine shields used in the handheld computer.

Download the case study


These values demonstrate typical performance of the GORE SNAPSHOT EMI Shields. The values are for reference only and are not intended for specification purposes.

Shield Material Property Value Method
Thickness 0.125 mm -
Shielding Effectiveness 75 dB ASTM D4935
Surface Resistivity 0.025 Ohms/square ASTM F390
Metallization Adhesion 5B ASTM D3359
Metallization Thickness 5 microns SEM
Dielectric Strength 80 kV/mm ASTM D149
Vicat Softening Temp. B 215 °C ASTM D1525


Solder Sphere Property Value Method
Sphere Diameter 0.89 mm -
Sphere-to-Sphere Spacing 2.0 mm -
Ground Pad Diameter 0.60 mm -