GORE® Automotive Vents for Headlamps

Patented Automotive headlamp vents from Gore are DESIGNED to protect headlamp assemblies from water ingress, dust, fluids, and environmental contaminants in all regions of the world.

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GORE<sup>&reg;</sup> Automotive Vents – Adhesive Vents: AVS 9, 100, 42;  AVS 2, 5, 15, 16, 43; AVS 17, 18, 4, 7 – Data Sheet

Automotive Vents

Describes the Adhesive Series portfolio for automotive exterior lighting applications (headlamps, fog lamps, rear and specialty lamps). Includes performance characteristics as well as design and dimensions.

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Automotive headlamps are vulnerable to a range of climate, road, and environmental challenges. Dust, debris, fluids and condensation can ultimately compromise headlamp performance and aesthetics. As our experience at Gore shows, open torturous/labyrinth paths or open tubes are only a partial solution -- they can’t solve all the challenges of performance-damaging environmental contaminants.

Patented GORE Automotive Vents for headlamps are proven to reduce condensation and contaminants in headlamp assemblies. By incorporating Gore’s ePTFE membranes, which are durable and provide high airflow, our vents:

  • allow rapid exchange of air in response to pressure/temperature changes
  • drive moisture out of the headlamp by diffusion through a microporous ePTFE membrane structure
  • provide a reliable, long-lasting barrier to water and automotive fluids
  • block entry of dust and other particulates to the lens and housing

For over 20 years, Gore has partnered with global OEMs and Tier-1 lighting suppliers to advance headlamp design and reliability. With our expertise, partnership and advanced technology, suppliers are confident in the performance of their headlamps for the long haul.

Product Comparison

Gore offers qualified vents for headlamp applications. We extensively test and evaluate each vent to ensure it performs consistently and reliably.

These are some of the more popular vents for headlamp applications. Contact us to discuss your headlamp application, and we’ll evaluate the application requirements and match them to a standard or custom venting product.

GORE Exterior Lighting AVS 9 AVS 9:
With millions installed, these vents have become a global standard for nearly any type of headlamp.
GORE Exterior Lighting AVS 100 NEW AVS 100:
Faster, easier and more forgiving installation, as well as greater resistance to high-pressure sprays.
GORE Exterior Lighting AVS 42 AVS 42:
Extra-high airflow, for housings with large internal air volumes or high internal temperatures.

Please see here our current data sheet for Adhesive Vents for lighting applications.



Recent News

Press Release

Less is More: New GORE® PolyVent Compact Series Delivers Higher Performance in a Smaller-Footprint Snap-Fit Vent

Posted November 25, 2013

With its new GORE® PolyVent Compact Series, W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. introduces higher-performance venting in a smaller footprint. About 30% smaller than the widely-used PolyVent Snap-Fit product family, the new Compact Series is easier to integrate into even the smallest automotive electronic housings. It provides a higher level of protection for sensitive components like sensors, motors and control units, while providing reliable and rapid pressure equalization.


Less is More: New GORE® PolyVent Compact Series Delivers Higher Performance in a Smaller-Footprint Snap-Fit Vent

Posted November 25, 2013

Approximately 30 percent smaller than other GORE Snap-Fit Vents, the compact series provides a higher level of protection for extremely small electronic components, where space is at a premium.

Press Release

GORE® Automotive Vents Protect Powertrain Components from Harsh Environments

Posted April 22, 2013

W. L. Gore & Associates has expanded its line of GORE® Automotive Vents to include the new Series: AVS 41 (P/N VE2048) venting solution, which is engineered specifically for powertrain components. This new vent improves component reliability by equalizing pressure, preventing contamination from water, dust, dirt, and other automotive fluids and simplifying design challenges, ultimately resulting in lower overall costs.

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